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shaped in the form of the letter T

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Kyleena is a small, soft and flexible plastic T-shaped device containing 19.
T-shaped people have two kinds of characteristics, hence the use of the letter "T" to describe them.
The T-shaped worker, by contrast, has deep knowledge in just one area, but a good knowledge set and communication skills across many other areas (Figure 1).
Keywords: Elliptic problem Spectral Element Method Eigen function T-shaped region matching condition 1.
4, putting the folded E-shaped resonator and T-shaped resonator together makes a new resonator with dual resonant characteristics.
To design a novel antenna, also in order to generate a dual band-notched characteristic, we insert a pair of rotated T-shaped slits at square radiating patch and also an inverted [OMEGA]-shaped slot was inserted in the ground plane, as displayed in Fig.
The purpose of this paper is to present the efficient design of the T-shaped DMS and U-shaped DGS, as well as the design methodology of miniaturized DBBSF using dual-plane defected structures.
To pull this off, the company has long practiced the art of collaboration and the development of a certain kind of talent: T-shaped people.
In the process of developing the property, Jade sought a permit to build an access road that would dead end into Boyce Road, a minor public road in Eliot, forming a T-shaped intersection.
The project would involve improving and extending Parmenter Road and adding a T-shaped intersection.
The T-shaped building, built in the late 70s, is next to the racecourse and close to the River Wear.
Able to manage 48 CAT 6a UTP cables per RMU, the cabinet features openings on the top and bottom for cable routing, T-shaped cable guides and cable-management spools to organize cables.
The entrance hall has a T-shaped staircase to the upper level and the living room includes a fireplace.
Morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea), right, has hear t-shaped leaves and striking blue flowers almost all year round.