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Synonyms for group

Synonyms for group

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

a group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for group

(chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule

a set that is closed, associative, has an identity element and every element has an inverse

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The groups comprised the SHAM group, NT-group (no treatment group with bile duct ligation), and T-group (Sanfenon BG3[TM] treatment group).
74% in the NT-group and T-group, respectively (Fig.
21% in the NT-group and the T-group, respectively (Fig.
When we look at a partial list of the goals of T-Group training, it becomes readily apparent that this is a good fit for pedagogy in teaching emotional intelligence:
Participants in T-Group training are coaxed and coached to be mindful and authentic.
Before we describe what a T-Group session might look like, let us clarify some basic rules about what a T-Group is and does, and what it is not and does not do.
The T-Group trainer intervenes to help participants speak their truths (to be themselves) and remain in the here and now.
In my view these are key to the current and future developments of OD, where OD can shake off the suspicion of "soft" management and T-groups and show its value to the business world.