T-bone steak

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small steak from the thin end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and small piece of tenderloin

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This begs to be served up next to a roast chicken, a piece of seared or roasted fish, or, in the most perfect of all worlds, a juicy T-bone steak.
As I recall Dad never had a pudding after his T-bone steak.
The new sub-brand Doritos Collisions, which was launched in the US last August, is available now in two varieties: T-bone steak & grilled pepper and chicken sizzler & zesty salsa (rsp 1.
Rolled roasts, for example, instead of bone-in cuts like T-bone steak, may be safer because you avoid the potentially risky marrow.
66 a pound for ungraded T-bone steak, approximately equal to the retail price, although the Army was buying it by the truckload.
It is also good news for shoppers because it will see an increase in the availability of traditional bone-in cuts of beef from local producers - such as the popular T-bone steak and the full bone-in rib of beef - in butchers' shops, supermarkets and on restaurant and pub menus.
Huckabee, whose diet doesn't include regular T-bone steak lunches.
FARMERS are urging Welsh countryside minister Carwyn Jones to help save the traditional Welsh Black T-bone steak from extinction due to the harmonisation of EU rules.
The Service's program objective memorandum working group is eyeing the program's budget exactly the way a pit bull eyes a t-bone steak.
Winnetka, presents a dozen dinner entrees from grilled whitefish to a charred T-bone steak, all of them priced the same, $15.
Gov't asks importers to refrain from sales of T-bone steak
Furthermore; the General Accounting Office has found that some firms repeatedly mislabeled feed that contains the prohibited substances and, adds The Wall Street Journal's Tara Parker-Pope, "cuts of meat with bone, such as a T-bone steak, are stripped directly from the animal's vertebrae and may contain portions of the spinal cord.
Locusts contain 30 per cent more protein than a T-bone steak.
Aren't you afraid that eating a big American T-bone steak may be unhealthy, or that it might even make you grow breasts?
Ronald O'Brian (executed 3/31/84): T-bone steak (medium to well-done), french fries and ketchup, whole-kernel corn, sweet peas, lettuce and tomato salad with egg and French dressing, iced tea, sweetener, saltines, Boston cream pie, and rolls.