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affecting an entire system

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Systemic Solutions is a technology management company specializing in Year 2000 business management products for small and medium-sized companies and optimize technology investments to competitively improve organizations as they move into the new century.
The impact of one business failing can create a ripple effect throughout a business ecosystem," commented Tim Carlsen, Systemic Solutions president.
Based on Systemic Solutions' years of hands-on experience helping companies manage their technology and Year 2000 preparations, Trimaran 2000 provides users with the knowledge, procedures, project management aides, and software tools needed to simplify and manage the challenge.
Three robust software tools are integrated into Trimaran 2000, Systemic Solutions' Year 2000 Management Reporter(tm), Greenwich Mean Time's Check 2000(tm) and Tava R.
Trimaran 2000 is available now, for $300, from Systemic Solutions (888/831-4925 or 206/436-1200) or via the Web (www.