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Systemic antibiotics should be combined with topical therapies for moderate to seven acne.
Treatment of PLA, including KLA, should consist of adequate systemic antibiotic treatment and early percutaneous drainage.
Although the economic analysis by Flemming and Beikler assessed the administration of both local and systemic antibiotics, that discussion falls outside of the purview of this paper.
Among systemic antibiotics, tetracyclines are the most commonly preferred ones because of their efficiency and few side effects.
Four of these 9 patients received systemic antibiotics according to the sensitivities of the cultured isolates.
Several clinical studies and researches3,4,9,10 have discussed the prophylactic measures for prevention of AO focused on reducing oral bacteria within the wound through the use of systemic antibiotics or local application of antiseptic agents.
It was concluded that the addition of intra-operative topical ampicillin to systemic antibiotics help prophylaxis against wound infection in acute appendicitis.
It is not clear if the use of topical analgesics along with topical antibiotics can be as effective compared to treating AOM with systemic antibiotics or if the use of topical analgesics alone can be adequate in effectively treating AOM.
Are topical antibiotics, systemic antibiotics, or both, effective methods of treatment for infection in pressure ulcers?
Children who use systemic antibiotics during the first year of life are at a significantly greater risk of developing early childhood caries (ECC) compared to children who do not use antibiotics.
Though systemic antibiotics are not prescribed routinely in treatment of periodontitis, they are considered when the mechanical debridement fails to arrest the disease progression and tissue destruction, and in refractory and aggressive periodontitis cases.
Numerous comparison tables provide quick access to cold and flu products, acne management, treatments for STDs, systemic antibiotics, chemotherapy regimens, immunization schedules, generic availability, and poison antidotes.
Severe sepsis can show clinical features similar to those of malignant hyperthermia, but repeat cultures showed no growth, and the patient was receiving systemic antibiotics.
Brereton, COO of CARE-TECH Laboratories, provider of such infection control products as SATIN, CARE-CREME, and Orchid Fresh II: "Given the failure rate of systemic antibiotics, as well as today's bariatric and diabetic patient loads, continued and more emphatic [preventive] procedures will be paramount to reducing nursing home costs.