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fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes

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Development policies and plans of Synthetic Fibers market are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are analyzed.
Another benefit is that Eastman Cyphrex microfibers can be easily run as 100% of the fiber furnish on conventional papermaking machinery and can be processed very much like cellulose on flat wire machines, a benefit not typically expected from synthetic fibers.
In 2010 and 2011, consumption of synthetic fibers rose to 1.
NEW YORK-Imports of synthetic fiber floor coverings from China have soared by 64 percent in volume and 23 percent in dollar value over the past year, an unbalanced ratio that suppliers attribute to an influx of lower-priced goods.
It plants synthetic fibers into a natural grass field, making it stronger and incredibly resilient.
Group pretax profit at Japan's largest manufacturer of synthetic fibers fell 58.
Another arguable improvement came with the phase-out of all synthetic fibers but one from tampons, says Dr.
Alfa is a publicly traded firm in the petrochemical, synthetic fibers, steel, food, automotive components and telecommunications industries.
In a preferred embodiment, the reinforcements include synthetic fibers that are arranged parallel to one another and aligned with the longitudinal direction of the reinforcement and, therefore, accordingly the wood structure.
a maker of synthetic fibers, to produce and market polyester film, polyester filament fibers and nonwoven fabrics.
Blended yarns became popular when consumer demand for 100-percent synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon decreased in the 1970's.
Production and related workers in synthetic fibers manufacturing plants in the South averaged $10.
Synthetic fibers allow OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to customize light-weight and high-temperature resisting fiber materials for various end-use industries, such as road, construction, industrial, and mining.
With its distinctive, consistent cross section, the flat PET Cyphrex microfiber improves nonwovens formation and sheet uniformity when compared with other synthetic fibers, according to the company.
Taiwan's leading synthetic fiber makers, including Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp.
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