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the first three Gospels which describe events in Christ's life from a similar point of view

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The various synoptics have seen the consistent anticyclonic presence hold sway from the 35 to 45[degrees]S latitudes, pushing cold fronts with a limited northward extension, building the succeeding ridge into a new core on the southwest Indian Ocean.
Among his topics are verbatim agreement between Thomas and the synoptics, Matthewan and Lukan redaction in Thomas, Thomas 79 and Luke as a special case, the missing middle in Thomas, and dating Thomas and the gospels.
Furthermore, Edwards maintains, "the Hebrew Gospel is not, as commonly assumed, a compilation of the Synoptics, but rather one of the sources of the Gospel of Luke to which the author alludes in his prologue (114).
3) synoptics = summaries of events, as in the Synoptic Gospels in
Studies have shown that of the three synoptics, Mark was the first one to be written, around 70 C.
Syncroscopy, a division of the Synoptics Group, introduces its new Montage Explorer, an automated sample scanning and image stitching system.
So I would humbly suggest that the Synoptics, and not John's Gospel, are what C.
Within the context of the synoptics, then, only a grotesquely racist blood theory of collective guilt (all Jews of that era were responsible for his death) and inheritable guilt (all Jews throughout history are responsible) can allow us to blame Jesus' death on tens of millions of people who had no part in the incident.
Thomas and John, taken on their own, are crucially different, but because of the ways in which she thinks that reading the first three Gospels, the Synoptics, through the lens of Thomas, rather than through John (or rather than through John exclusively), would have cast these Gospels in a different light.
Critical synoptics "refers to the examination of the influences of context, scenario, and lexical/syntactical precision upon the meanings of propositions and concepts" (75).
This Zurich student essay contributes to the debate about the relationship between John and the Synoptics by a careful history of traditions analysis of the one pericope found in both the double tradition and in John: the healing of the son/servant of the centurion/nobleman.
He has brought three current emphases together (canon criticism, tradition history, and compositional-narrative analysis), demonstrating convincingly the formative influence of major Hebrew Bible faith traditions on the synoptics in their final canonical form, and explicating with great care his observation that "In biblical narrative the river of tradition runs deep, serving as a well-spring of refreshment for each new generation" (p.
For networking products, Healthsource began a relationship with Wellfleet Communications and Synoptics before the two companies merged in October 1994 to become Bay Networks, Inc.
When the time came to move ahead, McKamey and his associates decided to go with Santa Clara, California-based SynOptics based on technology and support assessments.
Ethernet powerhouses 3Com and SynOptics Communications, and startup Grand Junction Networks of Union City , Calif.