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the first three Gospels which describe events in Christ's life from a similar point of view

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Among his topics are verbatim agreement between Thomas and the synoptics, Matthewan and Lukan redaction in Thomas, Thomas 79 and Luke as a special case, the missing middle in Thomas, and dating Thomas and the gospels.
For example, while he explains well the Eucharistic type narrative in 6:11 and 6:53-50 as a definition of God's presence in Jesus, he does not attempt to connect this passage with the Last Supper of the Synoptics nor with the later practice of eating the bread (flesh) and drinking the wine (blood).
Despite the likeness among the synoptics, comparing them could feel like comparing apples and oranges.
And how might these differences make a difference to how the Synoptics are understood?
The bi-polar axis of the synoptics (Galilee-Jerusalem) is examined with due regard for the similarities and divergences among these three works.
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The potential conflict is only exacerbated when one recalls that not only does the Gospel according to John not include an account of the institution of the Supper (at least per se, however much one may see allusions in chapter 6) but that the Gospel goes out of its way to dissociate whatever meal Jesus may have shared that night with his disciples from the Passover by stressing that the festival began on Friday evening that year (19:14), not Thursday evening, as in the Synoptics.
In words stronger than those used by the other synoptics, Matthew relates Jesus' use of children to illustrate the least likely: "Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matt.
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They deal with the overlapping issues identified in the subtitle, with specific studies of whether the Gospel misrepresents Judaism, whether its differences from the synoptics are coincident with their historical value, whether Mark created the gospel genre, and when the gospels became scripture.
Specifically, unlike the Synoptics, John's Gospel had never said that Peter repented of his denial of Jesus (18:27; cf.
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