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Irish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)

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What follows compares the Compton-(de Broglie) relations derived in the PV theory with the Synge ray-wave diagram in spacetime, and concludes that his de Broglie waves propagate within the vacuum state rather than free space.
While most of them handle secondary or cultural questions--folklore, music, graphic arts--and Synge is the author of two dramatic masterpieces, his only works to receive any sustained attention here are his anthropological essays on Wicklow and the Aran Islands.
Note: This poem is written in the style and language used by Synge in his plays The Playboy of the Western World, The Well of the Saints, In the Shadow of the Glen, etc.
Synge, the playwright of The Playboy of the Western World, when he dies prematurely from Hodgkin's disease.
John Synge, I and Augusta Gregory, thought All that we did, all that we said or sang Must come from contact with the soil, from that Contact everything Antaeus-like grew strong.
He has regularly worked with The Abbey Theatre, the company which was founded in 1903 by WB Yeats, Lady Augusta Gregory and playwright John Synge, the author of Playboy Of The Western World, and is currently taking his second stab at Playboy with Druid Theatre Company.
Summary: JM Synge is not a name to send a modern aesthete into ecstasy, but in the days when English literature was taught in schools and colleges, rather than merely English, his plays were a standard text.
En realidad El playboy del oeste fue escrita por el irlandes John Millington Synge, considerado como un clasico de la dramaturgia irlandesa, junto con Samuel Beckett.
The finish of an open-looking nursery was dominated by the market leaders and resulted in a one-two for the Richard Hannon yard, but not in the order the betting indicated, with King Supreme coming home ahead of stablemate and favourite Synge Street.
The present study intends to introduce the international audience to the Hungarian reception of Synge by surveying and analyzing, in chronological order, a selection of critical readings and reviews of his plays and their Hungarian productions since the 1920s.
But I think few will regret having invested their time in the Lincoln Center Festival's DruidSynge, the sequential presentation of all six plays of John Millington Synge by Galway's Druid Theater Company.
Synge, Edwin Muir, George Mackay Brown, Paul Valery, Eugenio Montale, Osip Mandelstam, R.
Both have been quickly assimilated into the heritage of Irish theatre stretching back to Synge and O'Casey, in spite of McDonagh's claims that he had never read Synge before he wrote Beauty Queen, and McPherson's uneasiness at being labelled an 'Irish' playwright.
Tragedy and Irish Literature: Synge, O'Casey, Beckett.
Referring to The Aran Islands as Synge's Triste Tropiques, Kiberd develops an analogy between the Irish writer, Claude Levi-Strauss, and James Frazer: "Was Synge in fact an anthropologist avant la lettre?