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organizing into or administering as a syndicate

selling (an article or cartoon) for publication in many magazines or newspapers at the same time

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Looking at C3 ratings--commercial ratings plus three days of time-shifted programming, a metric used virtually by national TV advertisers --there is a 73% commercial playback for those 45-64 viewers when watching syndication vs.
This is the first time for Xugong Group to tap on the syndication market.
NewsCubes can be placed directly on news sites or in TheNewsRoom, the Web destination site for Voxant's Viral Syndication Network.
THN was a syndication company to be reckoned with, due in part to its Monthly Movie Classics, which aired a bevy of classic films starring African Americans and was hosted by legendary husband-and-wife team Ruby Dee and the late Ossie Davis.
More than 100 affordable housing professionals from the New York area gathered to learn about recent developments affecting the industry from some of the nation's leading experts on affordable housing and syndication issues.
Although the run of original ``Seinfeld'' episodes ended in May, the syndication deal is one of several that guarantee Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer will continue on television sets for a long time to come.
92-1, which is an established source of GAAP for income recognition from syndication activities--efforts to directly or indirectly sponsor the formation of limited partnerships, trusts, joint ventures or entities acquiring interests in real estate by raising funds from investors.
Garner said Universal sold syndication rights of the NBC series to a German network for less than it was probably worth.
Entities led by the Malkin family and managed by W&M Properties own real estate in eight states, all through syndications funded by sales to accredited investors through Wien & Malkin Securities Corporation.
0 of the BlogBurst[TM] blog syndication network, a service that manages and syndicates content from leading bloggers to top online properties and publisher web sites around the world.
The report begins by explaining the latest developments in personalised media syndication and then profiles the Paris-based start-up, Netvibes, who is one of the leaders in this emerging area.
Broadcast syndication will follow in September of 2008, led by FOX-owned stations in New York, Dallas, Houston and Washington, D.
Debmar-Mercury today announced that the company has acquired all domestic cable and network television syndication distribution rights for "The Surreal Life" family of celebrity-based reality shows from 51 Minds Entertainment.