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Eucommiaceae by Call & Dilcher, 1997, Symplocaceae by Kirchheimer, 1949 and Mai & Martinetto, 2006 or Comaceae by Manchester, 2002), the relatively scarce fossil record of the group has never undergone specialized systematic revision or comprehensive treatment.
The second clade includes families with no known fossil record such as Fouqueriaceae and Sarraceniaceae, and families with relatively extensive fossil records, like Ebenaceae and Symplocaceae.
Arecaceae, Symplocaceae Symplocos, and Lauraceae (Ulminium atlanticum)
Note: If this family is united with Symplocaceae, the name Styracaceae must be used.
Symplocos grandiflora; family Symplocaceae, order Ebenales
Symplocaceae Ingroup (=Ericaceae) Agapetes buxifolia Nutt.
2000) supports the relationship between several taxa in which at least some members, namely Diapensiaceae, Ebenaceae, Symplocaceae, Ternstroemiaceae, and Theaceae, are able to hyperaccumulate aluminum (Fig.