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Kucera M, Barna M, Horacek O, Kovarikova J, Kucera A (2004) Efficacy and safety of topically applied Symphytum herb extract cream in the treatment of ankle distortion: Results of a randomised controlled clinical double blind study.
Symphytum ' Goldsmith', with its large, richly variegated foliage and blue, cream and pink flowers, is a superb groundcover plant for a sheltered site in dappled shade, never reaching more than 30cm (12") high and eventually forming a dense carpet of foliage that is semi-evergreen and so excellent for weed suppression.
Again, there are exceptions, as in the case of broken bones, where Symphytum 200c is often taken twice a day for two weeks, or even longer in the case of major multiple fractures.
PhytoCellTec Symphytum has clearly been shown to boost the regenerative power of epidermal stern cells and their ability to build new tissue.
Symphytum officinale (Comfrey): Used as a poultice, rinse or salve to heal interior and exterior wounds.
One family of plants that are particularly good at this time of year are the Borages and they includes Myosotis (Forget-me-not), Symphytum (Comfrey), Brunnera, Lithospermum, Omphalodes (Navelwort), Pulmonaria and Trachystemon.
Isolation of rosmarinic acid from Symphytum officinale L.
You could also try Symphytum (Knitbone) 15 drops in a little water twice daily before meals, as well as being sensible how much you weight-bear.
Symphytum: if neither Arnica or Ledum have helped, try Symphytum for a black eye.
Comfrey, symphytum species, has long been used to provide a well-balanced liquid feed for organic growers by cutting back foliage laden stems in summer and steeping them in water for a week or two.
A TAKE 15 drops of symphytum also known as knitbone twiceYvonne Caseya day in a little water before meals.