Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

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North American deciduous shrub cultivated for it abundant clusters of coral-red berrylike fruits

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Referred to as Chinkapin Slope because of the high number of Quercus muhlenbergii trees occurring here, this site also supports Fraxinus quadrangulata, Lonicera maackii, Rhodotypos scandens, and Symphoricarpos orbiculatus.
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Moench; Coralberry; Wooded slope northeast of cattail marsh; Rare; (#); C = 1; BSUH 12651.
Shrubs include Cornus drummondii, Ribes missouriense, Sambucus canadensis (elderberry), and Symphoricarpos orbiculatus.
The native shrub Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Moench grew in several plots as well.
X X X Juglans nigra (1) X X Juniperus virginiana (1) X X X Morus rubra (1) X X Parthenocissus quinquefolia X X Quercus marilandica (1) X X Quercus muhlenbergii X X X Quercus rubra (1) X X Quercus stellata X Robinia pseudoacacia X Symphoricarpos orbiculatus X Ulmus alata X Ulmus rubra (1) X X Ulmus serotina X Viburnum lentago X Viburnum prunifolium X Vitis spp.
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (coralberry) and Gleditsia triacanthos (honeylocust) were the NRW species.