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In addition, the change of heart rate (HR) has been used to reflect sympathetic tone.
An implantable device for the bilateral electric baroreceptor stimulation that decreases the sympathetic tone alleviates the obesity associated hypertension in experimental and clinical settings (Lohmeier et al 2012; Biaggioni 2012).
Functional distribution of right and left stellate innervation to the ventricles: production of neurogenic electrocardiographic changes by unilateral alterations of sympathetic tone.
The factors aggravating SPG include asplenia, immunosuppression, previous cold injury to extremities, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, increased sympathetic tone and use of vasopressors.
The cardiac response to exercise and to other situation, in which sympathetic tone is increased, is attenuated.
Pope Francis has struck a more sympathetic tone towards homosexuals than many conservative Catholics, famously commenting soon after taking office: "If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?
This is also associated with an upregulation of alpha-adrenergic receptors in the primary afferent neurons, allowing for the vessels to be more responsive to changes in sympathetic tone [9].
A useful diagnostic test is the instillation of topical cocaine 4% which increases the basal sympathetic tone.
Criticizing (the government's performance) is the right of all people but we should remember that we should speak with each other with a soft and sympathetic tone.
10) This increase in sympathetic tone has been postulated as a pathway by which individuals with high occupational noise exposures develop heart disease.
regarded LF power as an index, not of the cardiac sympathetic tone, but of the baroreflex function, during the supine rest.
Given the ubiquity of pulse oximetry and the ease of use, visualisation of this additional perfusion index-PPG related data may provide insight into a variety of cardiovascular changes in patients (2), including possibly depth of anaesthesia and degree of sympathetic tone.
ICD therapy is problematic because the inevitable inappropriate shocks increase sympathetic tone, triggering true shockable arrhythmias in a vicious cycle.
Clary's claims for balance notwithstanding, he adopts a sympathetic tone for the Mexican people, and the narrative descends into a repeated pattern of abuse, violence and depredation committed on the part of U.
Having breast cancer wasn't easy," she told CBS's "This Morning" program in an interview that could help set a more sympathetic tone for the couple.