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Synonyms for pointer

Synonyms for pointer

an item of advance or inside information given as a guide to action

Synonyms for pointer

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


Related Words

an indicator as on a dial

(computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display

a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches

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On either side, enlarged avenues would have been a practical solution to the city's transport problems and a symbolic link between Cardiff's two hearts.
The name change reflects a symbolic link with the past in that the ex-Sabena logo, i.
When a symbolic link is selected, DiskAccess automatically mounts the drive and opens the file.
It can copy locked files using the Volume Shadow Copy Service, compare file content in binary mode, handle symbolic links and run real two-way synchronizations including detecting of conflicts and propagating deletions.
ISIS legitimizes beheadings by the act's symbolic links to the sword-driven rise of a medieval Islamic empire and that era's blood-soaked contest between Christendom and Islam for control of Europe.
Let's reimagine Texas' land-grant universities, by John Sharp: "The 'A' and the 'M' in our university system's name are symbolic links to our history.
We can use links, even symbolic links like the Dragon.
FreeFileSync can copy locked files, perform binary file comparisons, and configure the handling of symbolic links.
Collective Coverings, Communal Skin explores camouflage fabric as a material with symbolic links to violence and conflict.
Kimigayo,'' unofficially translated in English as ''His Majesty's Reign,'' was defined under law as Japan's national anthem in 1999, but singing it remains a sensitive issue for some people due to its symbolic links to Japan's imperial system and militarist past.
Examples include installing Googlizer to allow instant Google searching from selected text in any document (including pdfs); using symbolic links to create shortcuts without running into trouble with permissions; bulk renaming photos with meaningful names instead of camera-generated numbers; and using gnome-blog to update blogs directly from the desktop.
At one end of the spectrum is the story cycle, in which the stories are tightly connected through a common theme, character or setting; at the other is the collection in which a motif provides symbolic links in otherwise disparate stories.
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