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the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent

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We thank Symbiotics Group for showing confidence in our mission of enabling the inclusion of micro and small businesses into the mainstream of our economy.
This is our first transaction with Symbiotics SA and we are pleased to have begun our partnership with this local currency loan.
We believe that the scientific advances reported by NewLeaf Symbiotics make this the most compelling opportunity in the burgeoning biocontrols market today.
4m) series A financing to NewLeaf Symbiotics Inc, the US agricultural biotechnology company said.
Symbiotics will install a penstock - basically a big tube - through the base of the dam, to pipe water from the reservoir into the powerhouse that is being built downstream of the dam.
We are very proud to make our contribution to further development of our long-time partner AccessBank Azerbaijan," stated Symbiotics General Director Dominique Roland.
Symbiotics has been working since 2004 doing studies and getting approvals from a range of agencies, including the corps, which owns Dorena Dam; the federal energy board, which oversees power production; and state agencies including the Department of Environmental Quality, which regulates water quality and fish habitat.
But the payment didn't come until after the utility filed suit against the company last July, Symbiotics missed a court-mandated payment in September, and the utility garnisheed company bank accounts for $121,650 in November and $375 in December.
The Company has agreed to purchase certain assets of Symbiotics.
The dispute began in 2007 when EPUD and Symbiotics formed a limited liability company to install turbines on the Dorena and Fall Creek dams to harvest hydropower.
Symbiotics is currently working with AARP to create links of its products to the AARP Pharmacy Services Internet site.
According to the suit, Symbiotics, Emerald's former partner, signed a contract with the utility in December 2010 agreeing to buy out the utility's interest in projects to install hydropower turbines on the Fall Creek and Dorena dams.
Symbiotics distributes New Life TryptoZen(TM), New Life GastroSHIELD(TM), New Life Colostrum(TM), New Life Colostrum Plus(TM), New Life Diet(TM), New Life Body(TM), TherapeuticSolutions(TM) and Age Defiance(TM) products through health food stores, drug stores, and supplement sections of grocery stores nationwide.
In November, the Emerald People's Utility District announced that it and Utah-based partner Symbiotics LLC had received a final license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the Dorena Lake Dam Hydroelectric Project.
Arthritis sufferers and other consumers with daily pain medication needs may benefit from the addition of New Life GastroSHIELD to their daily medicinal protocol," said Doug Wyatt, president and chief executive officer of Symbiotics.