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Synonyms for symbiosis

the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent

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Along with Ashley Koff, Symbiotics has also teamed up with two powerhouses in the health and fitness sectors to better assist women in their journey to better health.
NewLeaf Symbiotics is a development stage company based in the Bio-Research & Development Growth (BRDG) Park at the Danforth Plant Science Center in St.
Symbiotics focuses on the involvement to assist attain resources and economic growth at worldwide rank, in order to ascertain direct, social accountability and maintainability.
Symbiotics needs to do that work when the water level behind the dam is at its lowest, and before winter rains begin flowing into the lake.
In fact, the state DEQ and Symbiotics still are wrangling over where the company plans to put the intake that will syphon water from Dorena Lake into the powerhouse the company will build below the dam.
The benefits in using the TripleHead2Go are realised through a dynamic localization of monitors to suit our bespoke configuration," says Mike Norman, Human Factors Consultant, Symbiotics Ltd.
Symbiotics delayed payment because it ran into cash flow problems, EPUD General Manager Frank Lambe said.
The Company also has agreed to enter into consulting agreements with certain key employees of Symbiotics and Ageless.
In December, EPUD signed an agreement with the Symbiotics subsidiary to buy out the utility's shares in the projects.
Symbiotics(R), New Life Diet(TM), New Life Colostrum(TM), New Life Colostrum Plus(TM), New Life TryptoZen(TM), New Life GastroSHIELD(TM), Therapeutic Solutions(TM), Age Defiance(TM), beta-lipid(TM) and Manno's PRO-Gram(TM) are registered trademarks of Symbiotics, Inc.
Symbiotics is currently working with AARP to create links of its products to the AARP Pharmacy Services Internet site.
According to the suit, Symbiotics, Emerald's former partner, signed a contract with the utility in December 2010 agreeing to buy out the utility's interest in projects to install hydropower turbines on the Fall Creek and Dorena dams.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Symbiotics Incorporated announced today that Artisoft, Inc.
Symbiotics distributes New Life TryptoZen(TM), New Life GastroSHIELD(TM), New Life Colostrum(TM), New Life Colostrum Plus(TM), New Life Diet(TM), New Life Body(TM), TherapeuticSolutions(TM) and Age Defiance(TM) products through health food stores, drug stores, and supplement sections of grocery stores nationwide.
In November, the Emerald People's Utility District announced that it and Utah-based partner Symbiotics LLC had received a final license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the Dorena Lake Dam Hydroelectric Project.