Sydenham's chorea

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chorea occurring chiefly in children and associated with rheumatic fever

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For example, Streptococcus (strep) infection can prime the immune system to later attack the body, causing rheumatic heart disease or the neurological disorder Sydenham chorea.
The mother reports having seen several doctors at Children's Memorial of Chicago who gave a provisional diagnosis of Sydenham Chorea later changed to Motor Tic Disorder.
The modern version of Saint Vitus' dance, Sydenham chorea, the prototype for an autoimmune-mediated chorea following infectious illness, is still characterized by involuntary movements, which "flit and flow unpredictably from one body part to another.
Antibody binding to neuronal surface in Sydenham chorea, but not in PANDAS or Tourette syndrome.
The section on post-streptococcal movement disorders updates the reader on the latest understanding of Sydenham chorea and where we are some 300 years after it was first described.