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English physician (1624-1689)

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The acquisition of Sydenham Lab enables Philab Holdings to broaden our service offering to the Filipinos.
Philab Holdings chairman and president Tom Navasero said the acquisition of Sydenham would allow Philab to expand the services it offers.
The company said it is acquiring 67 percent of Sydenham, which has more than 40 years in the industry and is the country's only manufacturer of hormone-based drugs and specializes in oral-drug preparation in dosage forms, such as tablet, capsule, syrup and powder for suspension.
The $240m Sydenham Metro Upgrade contract involves upgrading Sydenham Station to be able to operate as part of the new Metro, including signalling works, utility relocations and train control systems installation.
Residents in Sydenham House are being allowed to use enter and exit the building as usual.
Disruptions can also be expected along the Albertbridge Road, Newtownards Road, Dee Street and Sydenham Road from 8am to 11am.
And would like to say thank you to Lighthorne Heath and Sydenham for their support.
In Silk Armor, debut novelist Claire Sydenham never lets her readers forget that it is the unseen force of kismet pushing her characters into the individuals they are destined to become.
ON behalf of myself and all the members of The Sydenham Singers I would like to say a very big thank you to The Evening Gazette for running the Wish token scheme again and thank all those involved in counting the tokens when they were handed in.
His decoration of the Oriental Courts at the South Kensington Museum is long gone and the Sydenham Crystal Palace burned down --for the second time--in November 1936.
Sydenham koresi ani, istemsiz, aritmik, koreik ve amacsiz hareketlerle karakterize santral sinir sistemi hastaligidir.
Gerry Sydenham, prosecuting, said the officer initially denied the offence after he was accused of using excessive force, but he had since changed his stance.
IT'S been doing the rounds for months and is released with awesome remixes courtesy of Jerome Sydenham.
Daniel Morgan, 37, was found in a pub car park in Sydenham, south London in 1987 with an axe embedded in his head.
Ricardo Johnson, 22, and Richard Campbell, 23, both of Sydenham, south-east London and Andre Brown, 26, of Deptford, south London, were remanded in police custody.