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the basic unit of money in Switzerland

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It is believed that about half a million Poles took out Swiss franc loans before the global financial crisis to benefit from a strong zloty and low interest rates in Switzerland.
Specifically, on March 3, 2009 the bank issued the two plaintiffs, plus another person, a housing loan in Swiss francs for CHF 217,000.
However, "amounts due to customers' savings and deposit accounts" was only CHF 52 million (down from CHF 63 million a year ago), while over CHF 100 million was due through other banks and the remaining amount of well over one billion Swiss francs have been classified as "other amounts due to the customers" from India.
Ratings agency Fitch said four big banks -- Erste, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), Bank Austria and Volksbanken -- held e1/430 billion of Swiss franc loans on their books in central and eastern Europe.
Costs for restructuring increased by 252 million Swiss francs due to a non-recurring, one-time income effect in the 2013 IFRS results.
African Bank, the failed South African lender with 555 million Swiss francs ($608 million) of debt, said hedges put in place after August saved it from more losses, allowing administrators to continue recovery plans.
By end 2014, banks approved credits of more than 167 million denars in Swiss francs or denars with a Swiss franc clause," the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia said.
5 billion Swiss francs in annual costs by the end of 2015.
During this period, foreign-exchange swaps, which the Bank had undertaken in late 2008 and early 2009 to provide foreign banks with Swiss franc liquidity, were automatically rolling off the Bank's balance sheet.
In the boldest of moves, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) this month established a ceiling on its ever appreciating Swiss franc by setting a minimum exchange rate of 1.
73 yen, in line with its strength against the Swiss franc.
Other currencies, most notably the British pound, Japanese yen, Deutsch (German) mark, and Swiss franc have also played significant roles in the global economy.
This saw the euro surge by over 9% against the Swiss franc and sterling jump by over 8% in around 10 minutes.
This is a huge change for all those trying to pay off their Swiss Franc denominated mortgages.
7 billion Swiss franc full-year loss, the biggest-ever for a Swiss company.
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