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hard pale yellow cheese with many holes from Switzerland

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Swiss Cheese plant But it's also really easy to care for and will do great in shadier spots in your house, making it a magnificent yet low-maintenance plant.
Make the salad: Combine lettuce, tomato, ham, Swiss cheese and olives in a large salad bowl.
layer of ham on top of mustard, followed by a layer of Swiss cheese.
700, is a beef patty topped with creamy mushroom sauce, caramelised onion, Swiss cheese and a touch of mayonnaise.
As always from Walker, a beautifully produced hardback with bright yellow endpapers depicting Swiss cheese.
Natalie said: "Mia's heart was so full of holes it looked like a block of Swiss cheese.
Reason conducted an analysis (1) based on his model on cumulative act effect, which is sometimes called the Swiss Cheese Model.
In the 1930's, the Swiss Cheese Union--created to promote the consumption of Switzerland's most abundant product--declared cheese fondue the national dish of Switzerland.
Swiss Valley Farms has transitioned production of its Baby Swiss cheese wheels, loaves and no-salt-added Swiss blocks from its former manufacturing site in Platteville, Wis.
Swiss cheese suppliers have warned that the price of cheeses such as Gruyere and Emmental will have to go up because of an increasingly unfavourable exchange rate with sterling.
There is also a new children's menu with a selection of new "kid-friendly" options, such as a turkey and Swiss cheese or sunbutter and grape jelly half-sandwiches served with organic fruit gummy bears.
Typical is Auchan's 2 Galettes Completes, with ham, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
Fully cooked and microwave ready, the Panini Melts line includes: Grilled Chicken Parmesan made with grilled chicken, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese on grilled sourdough bread; Traditional Italian made with smoked ham, pepperoni, salami and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce on grilled sourdough bread; Three Cheese & Tomato made with provolone, cheddar and Swiss cheeses with sun-dried tomato basil pesto sauce on grilled sourdough bread; and Turkey, Ham & Swiss made with oven-roasted turkey, smoked ham and Swiss cheese with bacon ranch sauce on grilled sourdough bread.
Leading Swiss cheese maker, von Muhlenen AG, regularly fulfils this task with great success, putting its trust in special Cryovac[R] Jumbo Bags from Sealed Air.
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