mercury poisoning

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a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury

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Instead they exhibit the typical pseudo-classical traits of matter-of-factness and clearness; also, as Swift's personal notes, cleverness, directness, trenchant intellectual power, irony, and entire ease, to which latter the prevailing octosyllabic couplet meter contributes.
The great range of the satires which make the greater part of Swift's work is supported in part by variety of satiric method.
Essays include bibliographical aspects of Swift's life, biographical and textual studies, early prose, poetry, </Gulliver's Travels/>, reception of the works, and Real's contributions.
For full details and more information about Swift's Veterans Scholarship Program call: 866-273-0157 or visit www.
Swift's specialty is longhorn beetles, which have long antenna and prefer feeding on dead or dying trees and shrubs -- though this stealth bug settled for the hefty wooden ruler Swift tried to measure it with.
Swift's descriptions of the traditional, "festive, rowdy and noisy" Russian balagany or festivals, and of attempts by the Tsarist state, earnest intellectuals, and Russian industrialists to uplift workers through "popular theater" are not as exhilarating or engaging to read as are the life stories recounted in Russia at Play.
Swift's argument is supported by the fact that the hallmark chick-lit novel, Bridget Jones's Diary, is a contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice, one whose hero even shares the surname of Austen's hero, Mr.
The deal was also possible because the repayments will be guaranteed by revenues from export contracts signed with Swift's former owners, Campbell Soup Co.
These new findings by Swift's group also raise questions about the safety of mammography.
Wallace, issued the following statement Thursday regarding SWIFT's announcement that it will "discontinue its communications services to Iranian financial institutions that are subject to European sanctions," beginning Saturday at 16:00 GMT:
government had indicated broad support of Swift's joint venture by placing it on the Pioneer Oil and Gas Projects list.
Because the disease primarily strikes blacks, Swift's team suggests that improved educational opportunities for blacks in recent years may make cognitive differences in afflicted children more apparent.
The software will interact with SWIFT's RMA to help reduce risk and increase the knowledge of correspondents communicating on SWIFTNet.
Since 1988, when the company established a seven year strategic plan focusing on reserve growth, Swift's reserves have grown at more than 40 percent annually, with last year's growth exceeding 50 percent.
These sessions aim to raise corporate treasurer's awareness of the benefits to establishing connections with their banks through SWIFTNet, SWIFT's Internet Protocol (IP) messaging platform.