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Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903)

an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)

moving very fast


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The strange friendship between these two, between Esther Johnson and Swift, is one of the puzzles in Swift's life.
Swift called his girl-friend Stella, and as Stella she has become famous in our literature.
Individual topics include Swift and Lord Berkeley, Pope's dedication of the 1736 </Dunciad/> to Swift, re-impressed type in </A Tale of the Tub/, Swift's authorship of "The Difficulty of Knowing One's Self," Swift's </Works/> of the 1750s, Swift and the philosopher's stone, newer light on darker authors, Swift's satire on enthusiasm, Swift and a dull country squire, acclamation by an imperfect muse, Prior's and Swift's Daphne, the art of cosmetics, Swift's self-loathing, Houyhnnmland, Swift amongst the bluestockings, Shaftesbury's aversion, Aldous Huxley as a modern Swift, the economy and anthropology of early eighteenth-century literature, patriotism and discontent, and candid interpretations of Real's take on Swift and his world.
At Swift, we are happy to honor and celebrate the bravery and courage of our U.
Swift's specialty is longhorn beetles, which have long antenna and prefer feeding on dead or dying trees and shrubs -- though this stealth bug settled for the hefty wooden ruler Swift tried to measure it with.
Acting as "next friend" on behalf of Hamdan (since the tribunal would not permit Hamdan to act on his own behalf), Swift filed a lawsuit against the military tribunal system; the case was argued before the Supreme Court on March 28.
According to Nike's Swift Skin project experts, approximately 25 percent of a skater's energy is used for fighting the friction between the skates and the ice.
This is because, when all is said and done, life in Swift Current doesn't make any more sense than it does anywhere else.
McReynolds and Swift each situate theater, performance and audience in the context of rapid socio-economic change.
Swift argues that the common ancestor of both romances and chick-lit books is the 19th century comedy of manners, epitomized by the novels of Jane Austen.
Electric Rain has responded with the development of Swift 3D Max Plug-In.
Nevertheless, some producers retain their optimism--not the least Carlos Oliva Funes, president and, since July, majority shareholder in Swift Armour, the country's leading meat processor and packer.
Wagner and his colleagues find the conifer swift moth living in forests ranging from the highest peaks of the southern Appalachians north to Labrador and west to Alberta, including all areas where foresters have identified red spruce as declining.
We continue to call on SWIFT to discontinue financial services to Iranian financial institutions that are also subject to U.
Not only will the expanded Swift Trace(TM) system give us the ability to trace from individual animal to boxed beef, but it is naturally expandable back to the producer and forward to the consumer," said Warren Mirtsching, vice president of Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Swift & Company.