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a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops

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2) Ants and flies visit the sweet nectar of the northern pitcher plant and fall in.
It uses its proboscis like a straw to drink sweet nectar from flowers.
Dipping their brush-tipped tongues into the eucalyptus blossoms, they drank the sweet nectar.
To know how a hardwood tree expects Spring with sweet nectar.
In their search for sweet nectar from blossoms, they inadvertently fertilize the female plant with the pollen dust they picked up from the male plant.
Come with me, tread this soft carpet of needles, sweet nectar of reminiscences, distilled from a thousand years of silence; drink the accidental sighs, the sudden creaking demands
While Limbaugh never disparages the sweet nectar, Wilhelm said, "many people arc enraged that he's promoting Florida orange juice during his show.
Complementing Honey's standard Beauty and Fashion, additional sections of the new magazine include: Bee Scene (who's who at the latest parties), Exhale (travel), Survival of the Smartest (candid relationship advice), Blowin' Up (up and coming stars), Honey Dip (men we love), Sweet Nectar (sex advice), Bee Fit (health and fitness) Head Honey in Charge (business women making moves), Bee Roll (film), Ear Candy (music), Honeymoon (horoscopes), Books, and Bzzzz (music related news and gossip).
Perhaps a gift of sweets corresponds to the sweet nectar gathered from new spring flowers, who knows - but it does seem a good trade to stay a mischief-free zone
Every red eye represents the sweet nectar of completing another six-week summer break without bankrupting the family, without, because of utter tiredness, leaving the children in a Marks and Spencer changing room, and without googling 'prices of boarding schools'.
The elephant plays a vital role in the marula harvest; the animals migrate annually across the African plains to enjoy the sweet nectar of the marula fruit, and spread the seeds of future marula trees and fruit throughout the region.
It is heat and drought resistant and lays on an open-air-buffet for butterflies to rest and take their fill of sweet nectar.
Berry Twist smells of raspberry, Sugar Pie smells of pear and Sweet Nectar smells of watermelon.