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Synonyms for milk

draw milk from


  • draw milk from
  • express milk from

Words related to milk

a river that rises in the Rockies in northwestern Montana and flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River

take milk from female mammals

exploit as much as possible

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add milk to

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They are very small, they give lots of wonderful sweet milk and they give the best kisses
Sainsburys, two fresh chocolate eclairs 95p Gorgeously delicate choux pastry topped with sweet milk chocolate.
Willie has been lapping up a diet of mashed banana and vitamin-enriched condensed milk which tastes similar to his mother's sweet milk.
Children's menu: Two pieces of tandoori chicken on a bed of rice and a dessert of gulab jaman (Indian sweet milk cheese ball in syrup) is $5.
The speaker, X, has been gone from Waylah Falls for "four springs" and "five winters," gone from his love, Shelley, who "hung the moon backwards, crooned crooked poems / That no voice could straighten," who "curled among notes - petals / That scaled glissando from windows agape," but from whom he has been absent: "My pain will never end unless I can sleep beside my love, pluck the ripe moon, halve it, and share its sweet milk between us .
For darker chocolates, choose a more complex, aged cheese while sweet milk chocolates complement buttery cheeses, like Brie.
The collection includes LUXE MILK(TM) Milk premium chocolate; LUXE MILK(TM) Hazelnut with all-natural deep-roasted hazelnuts; LUXE MILK(TM) Almond with crisp toasted almonds; LUXE MILK(TM) Crisp with toasted crisped rice; and LUXE MILK(TM) Duet, which combines a layer of light, sweet milk chocolate with a layer of bittersweet dark chocolate.
Rabbit Sausage 6 pounds rabbit meat (boned of course) 2 small onions, minced 2 level tablespoons salt 2 level teaspoons pepper 1/4 teaspoon paprika 1 bay leaf 1/2 teaspoon ground sage 1/2 cup ground cracker or breadcrumbs 1 or 2 eggs, well beaten (to bind together) 3/4 cup sweet milk Mix well together and mold into small cakes.
Almond Milk Chocolate is a play on a traditional favorite with chunks of almonds in sweet milk chocolate.
Use some baking powder for sweet milk pancakes, or baking soda for sour milk pancakes, or use buttermilk.
Among the unusual delicacies are the Tres Leche, a doughnut made with three kinds of sweet milk, and a Banana Pecan, made with organic bananas and fresh roasted pecans.
Cow has the traditional cow print look -- a white background with a freeform black cow design throughout, with the fragrance of sweet milk.