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the basic unit of money in Sweden


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357 billion Swedish Kronor or $205 million to acquire approximately 75% of the Company, with employees retaining a stake of approximately 25%.
31 billion Swedish kronor and were helped by fewer markdowns, a weaker US dollar and lower sales and administration costs.
The dividend will be paid in Swedish kronor through Euroclear Sweden and will correspond to the dividend that ABB Ltd pays in Swiss francs (the CHF/SEK exchange rate for the dividend will be determined on May 2, 2014).
Danske Bank has decided to issue steepener notes linked to the 10- and 2-year swap rate in Swedish Kronor.
8 billion Swedish Kronor (Euro 427 million) for the extension of the Turkish operator Turkcell's GSM network.
com for approximately 365 million Swedish Kronor, plus acquisition costs and an adjustment for net cash acquired.
Beltreco Ltd, which has its headquarters in Perth, posted turnover of 450 million Swedish Kronor (Euro 52 million) last year, and has a workforce of 400.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Carnegie Fastigheter Sverige AB (Carnegie Fastigheter) (STO:CAR) has acquired five properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo for a total purchase price of 1,2 billion Swedish Kronor.
State-owned utility Lithunaian Energy said on November 15 that it will sign a 25 million Swedish Kronor (Euro 2.
The increase corresponds to 40% in Swedish kronor and 31% in local currency.
Exchange rate effects from the translation to Swedish kronor affected revenue by SEK 34 million compared with the previous year.
9 million shares of Powerwave common stock and approximately 667 million Swedish Kronor.
Under this agreement - worth approximately 15 million Swedish kronor over a 12-month period - RKS will provide consultancy services to CGI.
Sales increased by 6% in Swedish kronor and 9% in local currencies.
The Board has decided to make a special contribution of 10 million Swedish Kronor to finance the professorship in honour of Hans Dalborg's career as a banker and achievements in the creation of Nordea," said Vesa Vainio, Chairman of the Board, as he made the announcement at Nordea's Annual General Meeting on Tuesday.
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