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Swedish theologian (1688-1772)

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In Arcana Caelestia (1749-1756), Swedenborg explains the theory of correspondences as follows: "There is a spiritual world, and this distinct from the natural world; for there exists a correspondence between spiritual things, and the things that come forth from spiritual things in natural ones are representations.
In The Allure of Immortality, Lyn Millner relates the headshaking tale of how Teed converted two hundred seekers into celibate Koreshans and led them from Chicago to a Southwest Florida promised land, based on a religion-science "mix of millennialism, mesmerism, the beliefs of Swedenborg, theosophy, spiritualism, mind healing, Buddhism, the primitive Christian church, Egyptian myth, gnosticism, electromagnetism," and the irresistible idea that the entire universe was contained in a hollow earth.
He holds many unrecognized degrees on subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Cabala, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences, Counseling, and, is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.
Synopsis: Throughout his theological writings, Emanuel Swedenborg devotes more pages to discussing the inner, spiritual meaning of the Bible than to any other topic.
The author researched the relationship between Appleseed and spiritual leader Emmanuel Swedenborg, coming to understand their spiritual connections and influences--and these facts are incorporated in a story line based around Appleseed's wanderings.
In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell itself, this endeavour takes the form of a critique of the theology of Emmanuel Swedenborg.
Emanuel Swedenborg (29 January 1688-29 March 1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic.
Other questions, such as how he made it across the Alleghenies, why he never married, and how he discovered the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, have also remained matters of conjecture.
In addition, his mother introduced him to the writings of the theosophists Swedenborg and Saint-Martin, whose precepts clearly inform Seraphita and Louis Lambert and have a role in many other, more realistic novels, as well.
Freeman, Swedenborg, and Topel, 2010) Swedish citizens' networks of trust are integrated in the public sphere of debate (Bacalu, 2013), policy formation (Peters, 2013b), and policy implementation.
Los versos son neofitos ("Las estrellas: gotas de rocio/en el pasto del firmamento"), pero augurales: el muchacho ha leido una correspondencia entre los mundos de arriba y abajo y ha percibido su unidad, algo que habrian sancionado B6hme o Swedenborg.
There is, in fact, a "third testament," the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, (1) but others may say that the Glorious Qur'an is chronologically earlier than Swedenborg's writings, and, hence, the Qur'an deserves to be called the Third Testament.
The massive scholarship on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) is strangely quiet about his admiration for and extensive writing on Swedish theologian and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), says Rowlandson (Hispanic studies, U.
1) Although no byline accompanies the text, substantial evidence points toward Walt Whitman as the author of this editorial article on the seventeenth--and eighteenth-century Swedish mystic, scientist, and theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg.
Essays such as Eugene Clay's "Judaism and Jewish Influences in Russian Spiritual Christianity" and Marsha Keith Schuchard's essay exploring Sabbatean influences on Zinzendorf, Swedenborg, and William Blake highlight the theme that holds this book together, i.