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a member of a southeast African people living in Swaziland and adjacent areas

a Bantu language closely related to Zulu

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American employees' engagements with Swazi citizens seeking U.
Weather forecasters had warned the Swazi nation of the possibility that Cyclone Dineo would intensify into a severe storm over the southern and northern parts of the country on Thursday.
Wholly owned by the Swazi state, Swazi Airways, is the official successor to Royal Swazi National Airlines which collapsed in 1999.
Most of the high-level economic activity is in the hands of non-Africans, but ethnic Swazis are becoming more active.
Once participants began a conversation with Swazi college students, P-13 (Day 6) realized that Swazi college students knew much more about Americans than he anticipated.
Most of our students are now in high school, and each year we have three or four new graduates," says Pritchard, who actually started sponsoring the schooling of Swazi children on his own in 1987 when he arrived to serve as a parish priest under the Anglican Church of Canada's world mission branch.
We want strong ties between the two countries and while we are completely satisfied with the current relations with Iran, we are also after expanding these relations," the Swazi justice minister said in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Morteza Bakhtiari in Tehran on Tuesday.
She is now campaigning against the oppressive Swazi regime.
David Dinkebogile, dean of the Diocese of Christ the King, who officiated at Wamukoya's ordination, praised her as "not a black woman, not an African, not a Swazi woman, but a priest of the churcha[bar] to be pastor to all, to men and women, to black and white, to Swazis and all others in her diocese.
Swazi teachers have been on strike for more than a month, but so far their abandoned classrooms are the only tangible result of a movement that wants not just salary increases but democratic reforms in Africa s last absolute monarchy.
In the case of the Swazi government and its track record of poor governance and lack of accountability.
In February, he was also involved in a preliminary round encounter between another Zimbabwean side, FC Platinum and a Swazi team, Green Mambas.
Si multaneamente, Reino Unido concedio a Portugal el territorio swazi que circundaba una zona denominada Namachacha.
Accused of human rights abuses and of hoarding Swazi national wealth, the king has an estimated personal fortune of more than US$100million, while his subjects' lives are characterised by poverty and disease.
Talking to Qatar Tribune in an interview, Dlamini, who came as the first Swazi envoy to Qatar in 2009, said the country was keen on partnering with a strong economy like Qatar's to develop its aviation industry.