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Synonyms for swastika

crooked cross


  • crooked cross
  • fylfot

Synonyms for swastika

the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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Based on images from a security camera, police arrested a 54-year-old man accused of painting several swastikas on buildings and cars in downtown Eugene.
A note with a swastika and ``F Jews'' was posted on a West L.
In a search of her home, police found the marker she had used to draw swastikas on her body and other evidence.
Jewish groups called the inclusion of swastikas in the software as 'regrettable'.
You can see this for yourself, since these ancient swastikas have survived and can be seen all over Israel.
Brandenburg residents have developed several possible theories on the origin of the forest swastikas, Der Spiegel reports.
It is three feet long and has little swastikas incorporated into the design.
Half-German Sebastian, 45, of Hampstead, North London, said: "I looked up and saw dozens of swastikas.
This photo of 200 Croat fans forming a swastika was taken during August's friendly against Italy in the Armano Picci stadium, Livorno.
Painted on the factory walls with the swastikas were the words ``White is WRI'' and signed C18.
Custodians spotted the graffiti, including swastikas and epithets against African-Americans, early Monday and quickly covered the scrawls, but some students had already seen them, school officials said.
Desgagne said Raelians worldwide will protest Facebook's action by posting profile pictures of themselves with facial swastikas.
In Britain, wearing a Nazi uniform in public or with swastikas on prominent display could result in the visit from the police for causing offence.
Thugs daubed swastikas and Combat 18 logos on Mieczyslaw Knap's Polish Shop in Ballymoney, Co Antrim.