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Synonyms for swastika

crooked cross


  • crooked cross
  • fylfot

Synonyms for swastika

the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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Manager Swastik said the curry was so hot even he couldn't manage it.
The brand is known as Swastik, not Swastika, though it uses a swastika design.
Swastik, prior to serving the meal, reads customers a verbal disclaimer.
Project Swastik has been in the state since 1960 and is even referred to as 'Shaan-e-Sikkim' (Pride of Sikkim), said Brigadier Patyal.
A 10- member CBI team searched the houses of Karapudi Mahesh, Swastik Nagaraj and Somasekhar, who runs a transport firm, all aides of Reddy.
We are praying so that Shresht Sanjay comes home soon and celebrates Diwali and Durga Puja with his parents, " said Swastik, a student
Nagendra, the Reddy brothers' henchmen Kharapudi Mahesh, Swastik Nagaraj and Ali Khan.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Stacking Of Stone Aggregates Of Various Sizes And Sand At Work Site Between Km 20 And Km 30 And Stacking Of Stone Aggregates Of Various Sizes And Stone Dust At Km 05 On Road Damdim Algarah Rishi Under 764 Brtf In Project Swastik In The