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Synonyms for sinkhole

an area sunk below its surroundings

Synonyms for sinkhole

a depression in the ground communicating with a subterranean passage (especially in limestone) and formed by solution or by collapse of a cavern roof

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Charterhouse Warren Farto Swallet, Mendip, Somerset: radiocarbon dating evidence.
Site name Site description Geology Aurochs (MNI) Hazleton North Burial site (Neolithic) Limestone 1 Babraham Road Burial site (Neolithic) Chalk 1 Birstall Burial site (Neolithic) Gravel 2 Boscombe Down Burial site (Neolithic/ Chalk 0 Bronze Age) Durrington Walls Henge enclosure Chalk 2 (Neolithic) Mount Pleasant Henge enclosure Chalk 1 (Neolithic) North End Pot Cave site Limestone 4 Jubilee Cave Cave site Limestone 1 Brimble Pit Swallet Cave site Limestone 0 White Horse Stone Domestic (Neolithic) Chalk 2 Fengate Pit (Neolithic) Limestone 1 Porlock Natural death?
Members of the South Wales Caving Club often visit the caves complex, known as Llethryd Swallet.