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a low area (especially a marshy area between ridges)

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The judge, Lord Osborne, deferred sentence on Swales to obtain the background reports until the High Court in Edinburgh on August 18.
com solutions reduced Swales average time-to-hire by 33 percent, and lowered costs typically associated with outside advertising by 50 percent.
Redcar was Labour territory until the 2010 election, when Swales, 60, a former top manager with ICI and consultant to venture capitalists, captured it for the Cleggites amid unhappiness over the Brown government's handling of a crisis in the local steel industry.
The history tends to end about here though, as Mr Swales is one of the more proactive council chief execs, eager to ditch the age-old mentality of town clerks and see the borough bid to create jobs and bring in the sort of firms which should challenge any misconceptions people have about South Tyneside.
PSI Global President Roger Swales noted that the shift from traditional lines of credit to plastic is prevalent among established businesses.
Labour hit back, branding Mr Swales "a failed politician running from his party's record of failure and betrayal" after the Lib Dems went into coalition with the Conservatives.
DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT This project involves repairs and maintenance to existing County stormwater pipes, swales, and appurtenances along W HWY 316 from N US HWY 27 to NE Jacksonville Rd.
Gemma Swales, 25, was found unconscious by partner Paul Briggs, who said: "I couldn't recognise her.
Liberal Democrat MP Ian Swales has revealed the future of One North East came up during a meeting with Mr Cable this week.
Campbell Swales was spotted veering his Suzuki superbike, dubbed a "killing machine" through heavy traffic on the busy A1.
Redcar MP Ian Swales said that last year, he received a response from Aldi which outlined the store's plans for the future and hinted at a deal with a national non-food operator.
Drug addict Christopher Stevenson - a serial offender free on a suspended sentence - targeted David and Elizabeth Swales as they returned from a Bible reading class at their church.
Elizabeth Swales, 52, was helping her wheelchair-bound husband David, 68, from their car into their home in Amble, Northumberland, when an attacker struck on Monday night.
Paul, 23, was walking home last August when Lee Swales, 17, hit him so hard he fell, fractured his skull and died days later.
This landmark study shows that individual consumers throughout Europe are demanding progressively more tailored payments systems and associated rewards/benefits," said Roger Swales, general manager, International, PSI Global.