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a low area (especially a marshy area between ridges)

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Mr Swales, 40, saved the lives of the tourists he was escorting on a dawn photographic trip after the lion cornered them.
Mr Swales said: "I am delighted to accept this role with NEPIC, who make a big contribution to in driving the economy of our region.
Martin Swales, also Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council, said: "Now that the writs have been formally received, the Elections Oce will publish a Notice of Election for each constituency to start the parliamentary election process.
By this fall, undeveloped, scraggly Ferndale Park in north Eugene will have something to show off: a long and wide plant-filled swale to gather rainwater and protect groundwater.
Prior to joining JM, Swales spent more than 17 years at 3M and the 3M spin-off Imation.
Pc Michelle Swales admitted she panicked and was frightened during a fire at the home of 85-year-old Captain Edmund Carlisle in Llanigon, near Hay-on-Wye.
Swales Aerospace plays critical role in NASA's launch of the THEMIS Mission
According to Radecki and Swales (1988), "there is an emerging consensus among certain L1 and L2 writing researchers that an instructor's time is better spent in attending to textual meaning, rather than to grammatical errors, as a means of aiding students in reshaping their writing" (p.
Permaculture offers many ways to conserve and restore water: rain storage in the ground via swales dug on contour, with plantings in the swales; rain catchment from metal roofs and stored in cisterns for drinking or irrigation; greywater recycling via creation of gravel beds with aquatic plants whose roots take up nutrients from used kitchen and bathtub water; and perhaps most important, composting toilets which use no water at all.
Wales' only score was a first-half try from Gareth Swales, converted by Nicky Robinson.
When police arrived at his cottage, Swales, 39, was drunk and hallucinating, hearing voices and brandishing a crossbow and a sheath knife .
English sculptor Steve Swales (who also sculpted the Dalai Lama and Princess Diana for the wax museum) and his crew literally put Conley on a pedestal for two days several months ago in a suite at the Universal Sheraton hotel.
Martin Swales and Peter Paret have both already contributed towards demolishing much of this assumption.
Timothy Swales, vice president of corporate research and development, has assumed the additional role of chief sustainability officer.
Ian Swales, who until last month was MP for Redcar, has made plain his thoughts on Labour in the North-east as he steps down from frontline politics.