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Sturt's Desert Pea Swainsona formosa was proclaimed the floral emblem of South Australia in 1961.
With colleagues at the Department of Conservation and Land Management in Perth, and at the Queensland Forestry Research Institute, the scientists are concentrating on six key species: Acacia dealbata, Swainsona sericea, Calothamnus quadrifidus, Eucalyptus wandoo, Eucalyptus populnea and Eremaea pauciflora.
Buza L Young A and Thrall P (2000) Genetic erosion, inbreeding and reduced fitness in fragmented populations of the endangered tetraploid pea Swainsona recta.
It was used to study glucoprotein N-link oligosaccharide as an instrument drug, since it was separated initially from the fruit of Australian Swainsona canescens and North America locoweed (including Astragalus and Oxytropis spp.