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the most widely spoken Bantu languages

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The Portuguese perceived familiarity with Islam, and, by extension, Swahili society, was so complete as to lead some sixteenth-century Portuguese visitors to criticize Swahili religion on what they thought were its own grounds.
Taarab is the Swahili equivalent of the Arabic word tarab, which implies the concept(s) of entertainment, enchantment, emotion-filled movement, and delight (Anthony 1983; Askew 1992; Topp 1992).
This warehouse belongs to Leslie Mittelberg, founder of Swahili Imports Inc.
In more general terms, the book seeks to place the Swahili coast in the context of early modern world history, using Wallerstenian world-system theory.
Most Japanese learn Swahili in order to enhance interaction with local people,'' says Eiichi Ueda, JACII's director.
Since then, immigrants from upcountry East Africa have further diversified the coast, making Swahili just one of the many African languages people speak there.
Feelings, Muriel, Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book.
Heroic voyages are rhapsodized by the poets of the Malay cycle of Hang Tuah and the Swahili epic of Masaibu.
Muroko alone faced a charge translated from Swahili to mean: "We are saying, the motion being brought to impeach Uhuru, any Member of Parliament who votes against it will be lynched.
Featuring a wildlife conservation theme at the prestigious Swahili Fashion Week elevates the poaching crisis in the public eye, and helps raise awareness about the importance of ending the devastating trade in wildlife products," said Susie Watts, WildAid Africa Program Director.
Since all contributions in the volume are directed at Kenya and Tanzania between Lamu and Mtwara, and Zanzibar is a particularly prominent focus, it would have been more appropriate to have the subtitle 'Islam, marriage, and sexuality on the Swahili coast' as the main title.
Dying and going to food heaven is something that happens to me every time I indulge in Swahili food, especially when I dive into my absolute favourite dish, cassava in coconut cream.
Tanzania, Kenya and, to a lesser extent, neighbouring areas, stand out in having Swahili as a genuine alternative.
Guidance (Uwongozi by Sheikh Al-Amin Mazrui: Selections From the First Swahili Islamic Newspaper: A Swahili-English Edition
Though both are in Swahili, one has English subtitles in it to cater to the international market .