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the most widely spoken Bantu languages

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The Swahili language, that is used by more than150 million people in East and Central Africa, is the initial original African language to be bolstered by the firm's automatic translation service.
An interesting aspect of this discussion is how the Giriama perceive the source of Swahili wealth.
And through the magic of the technology, the Swahili translation popped up on screen.
He elaborated further saying: "Besides Arabic, French and Portuguese which are widely spoken in Africa, we find that of the languages most in demand when it comes to translation, Amharic, Swahili, Hausa, and Somali tops the list".
In this view, many Swahili writers depict in their works apocalyptic and dystopian pictures of the future--the world before and after the global catastrophe, dominated by dictatorial powers, struck by hunger and drowning in the abyss of ecological and economic hardships.
This line drawn between seventh-tenth century and later Swahili centres has been both helpful and problematic in coastal archaeology.
Safari, who has taught Swahili to beginners for over 40 years, notes in the introduction that Swahili is a surprisingly easy language to learn.
Nairobi is to host the Swahili fashion week in October.
AI die standpunte van die konserwatiewes en die liberales in die debat word op grond van die konstruksieteorie ontleed, en daar word aangevoer dat hulle op drie subidentiteitsgroepe berus, naamlik die Swahili, die Afrikane en die universele.
BBC Swahili, which broadcasts in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania, will be bringing its popular football programme Ulimwengu wa Soka to the Stadium of Light on New Year's Day.
The Swahili beats in our music is a long tradition from Zanzibar.
Composer Tin wins award for Swahili track 'Baba Yetu'
Quick--learn these Swahili words: Wingu means cloud, a lulu is a pearl and zabibu means grape.
In their experiment, 118 college students were told to learn a list of 48 Swahili words.
Pilot programs for Arabic, Hindi and Swahili begin today and are supported with a donation incentive awarding local charities with funds based on the number of words volunteers translate.