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a red-brick university in Brighton, England

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Karen Webb, 47, of Seaford, who is now wheelchair-bound, is seeking compensation after accusing Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust of ignoring her concerns about her ulcer.
Stricter controls on the storage and dispensing of the drug have been introduced across the hospital following the alert, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust said.
Doctors at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals advised her to have a termination but the mother-of-three's instincts told her that wasn't the case and asked for a second scan.
The decision by Sussex University to concentrate solely on modern history ('From the Editor', March 2010) reflects the widespread misconception that 'relevant' in history is the same as 'recent'.
Fazeela Abbasi, is collaborating with University of Sussex, United Kingdom to get the special culture media for preserving the skin samples of these affected children so that the diagnostic laboratory in Sussex University can do the genetic typing to confirm the diagnosis.
Atkins, a visiting research fellow at Sussex University, describes a testing facility for measuring combustion engine power and the instruments for calibrating temperature, pressure, and flow.
Yesterday Detective Chief Inspector Adam Hibbert appealed for information about the murder of MsWaddell, who moved to the resort five years ago to study for a masters degree at Sussex University.
Dr Amer Awadh Al-Rawas, a PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from Sussex University in UK, has held various senior positions in the telecom and academic sectors in addition to serving in various educational and technological policy forums in Oman and regionally.
A Birmingham-based team of lawyers have been taken on by Sussex University after helping them deal with student occupation over the war in Gaza.
Liberal Democrat Shadow Agriculture Minister Tim Farron has also called for the Government to invest more of the pounds 10m into bee research at Sussex University.
BAHRAIN routed Sussex University by 194 runs in a warm-up match played at the Isle of Wight, UK, yesterday.
Al Rawas, a PhD holder in computer science and artificial intelligence from Sussex University, moved to Omantel from Sultan Qaboos University where he held several positions.
Farrant of the Brighton (England) and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.
The company currently has around 25 staff split between the two countries but also uses resources at Sussex University School of Engineering where Ratcliffe is a Visiting Fellow.