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a county in southern England on the English Channel

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I don't think that we should have much difficulty in determining that,' said I; 'with your permission we will take the first train down to Sussex, and go a little more deeply into the matter upon the spot.
A burly Sussex policeman and I had found it no light job.
I came down to Sussex with the intention of seeing the captain, but it was at this moment that his terrible death occurred.
A few small, definite pictures stand out in my memory from amid that long panorama of death upon the Sussex and Kentish high roads.
Sir Luke de Ponynges, Sir Thomas West, Sir Maurice de Bruin, Sir Arthur Lipscombe, Sir Walter Ramsey, and stout Sir Oliver Buttesthorn were all marching south with levies from Andover, Arlesford, Odiham and Winchester, while from Sussex came Sir John Clinton, Sir Thomas Cheyne, and Sir John Fallislee, with a troop of picked men-at-arms, making for their port at Southampton.
On the 4th of August, 1792, Percy Bysshe Shelley was born at Field Place, near the village of Warnham, in Sussex.
During the months of June and July, on three successive years, I have watched for many hours several nests in Surrey and Sussex, and never saw a slave either leave or enter a nest.
Shelley, born in 1792, belonged to a family of Sussex country gentry; a baronetcy bestowed on his grandfather during the poet's youth passed from his father after his own death to his descendants.
She was looking at plans one day in the following spring--they had finally decided to go down into Sussex and build--when Mrs.
Leaning forward in the cab, he listened intently to MacDonald's short sketch of the problem which awaited us in Sussex.
I can see only two things for certain at present--a great brain in London, and a dead man in Sussex.
The contract for this Pan-Sussex service will be with East Sussex County Council and are seeking a single provider to deliver this service.
It was a record 11th win by any side since the establishment of two divisions but it was a day of sorrow for Sussex who were unable to secure either the draw or win that would have saved them from the drop.
For the second time in the match, Michael Yardy went in to bat with Sussex in crisis and contributed 41 from 70 balls and was given a standing ovation upon his dismissal, each Yorkshire player shaking his hand as he made his final exit.
A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads: "Volunteers from Cowbridge & the Vale of Glamorgan to the Royal Sussex Regiment, leaving Cowbridge Railway Station, 31st August 1914.