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Synonyms for susceptible

Synonyms for susceptible

easily imposed on or tricked

able to receive and respond to external stimuli

Antonyms for susceptible

(often followed by 'of' or 'to') yielding readily to or capable of

easily impressed emotionally

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Risk, as measured by incidence, can be estimated from the model as the per capita transmission rate of susceptible individuals into the infectious state.
This and other studies have shown that UV radiation is a double-edged sword in melanoma, acting predictably as a well-established risk factor for cutaneous melanoma in susceptible individuals, while paradoxically decreasing the incidence of melanoma at non--sun-exposed sites, Dr.
Under most circumstances, susceptible individuals who come in contact with the leaves, flowers, fruit or bark will develop symptoms within 12 to 24 hours.
Susceptible individuals are those for whom the possibility of being infected exists, and some of the infected individuals will get sick and die.
It is possible that the use of alcohol may trigger a response in genetically susceptible individuals that raises the risk of depression.
Nutritionally speaking, there is a wide variety of foods that are known to trigger migraine headaches in susceptible individuals, and these foods differ from one person to another.
For instance, to demonstrate that resistance has fitness costs, SUSCEPTIBLE individuals could be allowed to take two pieces of candy, while RESISTANT students could take only one, demonstrating reduced feeding abilities in resistant insects.
Targeting Lyn function will enable to devise novel strategies to boost innate immune response in susceptible individuals that will help in eliminating PA infection.
They might also then point out the added detrimental costs to society of susceptible individuals watching adverts promoting mainly acquisitiveness, materialism, dissatisfaction, selfishness, vanity, greed and envy.
Researchers say the new data "provide a functional validation for antagonism at CRH-R1 receptors as a mechanism for novel treatments aimed at relapse prevention in susceptible individuals," according to an NIAAA news release.
This infection is generally self-limiting in healthy people, but may be serious or deadly in susceptible individuals.
A maintenance host is a member of a population of susceptible individuals that can replicate, shed, and transmit virus efficiently to conspecifics.
Water damage can cause mold, a fungus that grows on deteriorated materials and can cause allergic reactions and other health problems for susceptible individuals.
Certain drugs-including chlorpromazine, hydralazine, isoniazid, methyldopa and procainamide-cause temporary lupus in susceptible individuals.
A respiratory or urinary infection can apparently trigger a heart attack or stroke in susceptible individuals, British investigators report.