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United States writer (born in 1933)


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Leibovitz's artistic credibility and personal stability were buoyed by her long-time relationship with writer Susan Sontag, but when Sontag died in 2004, everything seemed to fall apart.
What Susan Sontag called "a form of jottings" seems appropriate for responding to a text that, because of its fragmentary structure and improvised air, invites an unusual degree of reader involvement.
Right, 'cause I wouldn't want to be gay like my heroes: Billie Jean King, Susan Sontag, Sappho of Lesbos and, I suspect, Peppermint Patty.
Me entere hace poco de la existencia de un libro postumo, hecho de paginas de diario y notas ineditas de adolescencia y juventud, de Susan Sontag, y entre en accion hasta conseguir un ejemplar.
Toklas, Saul Bellow, Michael Chabon, Everything is Illuminated, "Gimpel the Fool," Allen Ginsberg, Joseph Heller, Erica Jong, Denise Levertov, Norman Mailer, Bernard Malamud, Maus, Arthur Miller, The Natural, Tillie Olsen, Cynthia Ozick, Dorothy Parker, Chaim Potok, Ragtime, Philip Roth, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Susan Sontag, Elie Wiesel, and more.
I was fortunate enough to get Robert to describe his life in intimate detail after we met six years ago while sneaking cigarettes in a bathroom at a party,'' said German filmmaker Katharina Otto-Bernstein, who put together the documentary that includes rare archival footage with comments by David Byrne, Susan Sontag, Philip Glass and Jessye Norman.
Looking around desperately, I latched onto a brightly lit buoy like unexpectedly close at hand, Susan Sontag.
Enhanced with interviews with family members, friends and colleagues ranging from Philip Glass and David Byrne to Susan Sontag and John Rockwell, Absolute Wilson is a definitively informed and informative, 288-page introduction to one of the most influential and talented men working in the arts today.
Candleflowerdance, which Morris dedicated to the late Susan Sontag, knows its limits and never transgresses.
Writing on Syberberg, Susan Sontag warned that a truly great work is devastating.
El mundo literario ha sufrido la perdida de brillantes autores: el dramaturgo Arthur Miller, el novelista y Premio Nobel Saul Bellow y la ensayista y novelista Susan Sontag, todos estadunidenses con una destacada obra creativa que ha sido traducida a diveros idiomas y reconocida ampliamente.
Together with detailed essays by such intellectual luminaries as Susan Sontag and Carlos Fuentes, the book contains extracts from the annual reports of charitable organisations and from UN guidelines on human rights.
Susan Sontag, the author, activist and a leading intellectual of the past half century, died this past winter.
Right now, though, he's working on The Death of Photography and Other Modern Fables on the Visual Arts, a 400-page book about the relationship of photography in society and all cultures; it will include essays from up-and-coming writers, as well as influential critics such as Susan Sontag and lean Baudrillard.