Susan B. Anthony

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United States suffragist (1820-1906)

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Weber, an author, independent scholar, lecturer, and storyteller who researches and writes about regional history and women's history, details the history of sculptor Adelaide Johnson's Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.
The case arose from a dispute between a one-time Ohio state representative, Steven Driehaus, and the Susan B.
Only men could do so and, Crowley declared, "on the 5th day of November, 1872, Miss Susan B.
MTNA member Jean Barr, professor of piano accompanying and chamber music at the Eastman School of Music, has received the Susan B.
For one thing, its protagonist, suffragist and women's rights activist Susan B.
Its unique color and other features distinguish this coin from the Susan B.
Some of these works include Margaret Fuller, A Psychological Biography (1920); Catherine the Great (1925); Louisa May Alcott (1938); Dolly Madison, Her Life and Times (1949); and Susan B.
This is common-sense legislation - overwhelmingly supported by the majority of Americans - which will protect girls and their parents," said Jane Abraham, President of the Susan B.
Hundreds of voters in Rochester, New York, converged on the gravestone of Susan B.
The feisty historian ties the same-sex loves of Susan B.