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someone who tries to insure their personal survival or the survival of their group or nation

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Scouring YouTube and Instagram for tips, he has become self-taught in survivalism and has mastered skills like first aid, bushcraft - which includes fire starting and shelter building - and how to forage.
Studying into the survivalism industry shows that there was an increasing amount of interest up until December 2012 at which time the trend began to drop at a fairly rapid rate and we think it was the direct result of the unfounded fears presented by the Mayan Calendar.
Hence she avoids unnecessary conflict and patiently solders together a small group committed to mutual protection and sustainable community-building, not survivalism.
Examining survivalism in relation to patriarchal religious authority, Year of the Flood is a woman-centered novel about the proverbial "flood," or catastrophe, that leaves most inhabitants of the earth dead from a plague.
Anchored in ideas of independence, self-sufficiency, and, in some cases, survivalism, self-reliance undergirds numerous initiatives currently being formulated by those across the political spectrum.
Ultimately, 3D printers and the distributed manufacturing they enable will democratize and mainstream survivalism.
If TV shows such as Doomsday Preppers and Apocalypse 101 ushered survivalism into the mainstream, a gay conservative fringe made it the unlikely contingency plan of untold numbers of LGBT Americans.
Three prominent experts in "endurance, survivalism and torture" consulted by the New York Post seriously doubt Zamperini's memory of the magnitude of certain events: http://nypost.
27) The language of "grit" invokes 19th Century American exceptionalism, westward expansion, and a romanticization of a brutal survivalism traded on in recent films such as the Coen's True Grit and NBC TV's use of the same title in covering grit as character education Rock Center (2012).
Mearsheimer founded his theory on the principle of anarchy, offensive defence power of the great power, uncertainty about opponent state's intentions, survivalism as basic aim of great powers; and rationality of great powers.
3) For David Brown, Singaporean elites deployed an "ideology of survivalism, which stressed the lack of a national identity, absence of a viable national economy, and vulnerability of society to internal and international threats.
November 8: | PIL AND GALIA KOLLECTIV: TERMINAL: A MIRACLE PLAY WITH POPULAR MUSIC FROM THE END OF THE WORLD 9pm Exploring the politics of post-apocalyptic cinema and literature, grounded in an ethos of survivalism.
This survivalism sits along with pseudo-Mother-Earth-spiritualism, and primitivism (advocating a drastically reduced human population of hunter-gatherers, eschewing modern medicine in favour of poultices and herbs etc.
Nothing like a carpeting of the white stuff to bring out the panic-buying anti-social survivalism in most folks, I've found - but on this occasion the supermarket shelves round my way ended up getting cleared faster than Michael Le Vell less than hours after the first flakes hit the ground.
In its original configuration, gangsta' rap is a gritty, confrontational form of first person narrative that stresses survivalism, individualism, and materialism as it comments upon social inequity (Quinn 6).