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an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures

someone who conducts a statistical survey

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There he refers to the "severe criticism" of Fuller, to Upham's "interference with the surveyorship," to his father's "bores, aversion," to Parker's "censure" by his mother, to Very's "long call" on his father, and to Ben ("Beast") Butler as a "representative of barbarism.
Surveyorship Enumerator - counting cars going through traffic lights
Patrick Brancaccio argues that Hawthorne's identification with Bridge's pro-colonization stance helped him to curry favor with the Democrats and, hence, to gain him the surveyorship at Salem (23-24).
In Chapter Two, "'The Custom-House,' the Secular Pilgrim, and the Happy Death," Weldon reads Hawthorne's sketch to The Scarlet Letter as the "spiritual autobiography" of a "hapless pilgrim" who leaves the idyllic world of the Old Manse for the debilitating precincts of the Custom House in the dreary town where he was born, endures decapitation by being fired from his surveyorship, then recovers his artistic self and thereby attains resurrection.
was to oust Hawthorne from the Surveyorship, and bring forth "The Scarlet Letter" (332).