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Synonyms for surtax

an additional tax on certain kinds of income that has already been taxed


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levy an extra tax on

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In addition, the interest payments on the note are taxable and also subject to the investment surtax.
Although distributions from retirement accounts are not subject to the Medicare surtax, they can affect your investment income and potentially push you into surtax territory.
8% surtax also applies to estates and trusts, but the threshold is the dollar amount at which the highest tax bracket for estates and trusts begins for the tax year.
And worse, the surtax applies to interest earned on both new issues and outstanding bonds.
This article examines how to determine the new surtax on net investment income that, like alternative minimum taxable income, effectively creates another tax base in addition to taxable income.
8 percent surtax depends on where their assets are as much as how much assets they have.
The Community Preservation Act also allows communities adopting the program to remove the first $100,000 to $200,000 of assessed property valuation before computing the surtax.
4% income surtax on singles who earn more than $500,000 and couples who make more than $1 million.
This health care overhaul will be paid for largely with a graduated income surtax on high-income households, as well as four familiar business tax provisions--including a delay in the implementation of worldwide allocation of interest, a limit in treaty benefits for certain deductible payments, codification of the economic substance doctrine and savings from within the health care system.
4 percent surtax on high earners </strong><br />House Democrats Tuesday proposed a new bill that will help fund an expansion of government health benefits by charging 5.
The surtax would rise for those earning $500,000 and rise again for those earning more than $1 million.
Individual income surtax (raises $832 billion over 10 years).
Corporate Income Tax Rate Reductions, Elimination of the Surtax and Large Corporation Tax.
While American politicians debated gas prices, a German newspaper complained about new taxes proposed by the government: a higher sales tax, a health-care tax, and a surtax on the wealthy.