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a woman who bears a child for a couple where the wife is unable to do so

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It was determined that Mr Shigeta had fathered the children using Thai surrogate mothers.
They agree to be surrogate mothers because they are poor,' she said.
The surrogate mother refused to hand over Carmen to Lake and Santos when she discovered that the two were gay.
Revisiting The Handmaid's Tale: Feminist Theory Meets Empirical Research on Surrogate Mothers.
This follows the interception on the first night of the New Year of four women bound for Cambodia who admitted they had signed a contract with a foreign recruiter who promised to pay each of them $8,700 to act as surrogate mothers, according to an airport immigration officer.
The government's nod to the proposed draft bill seeking the ban on commercial surrogacy to tighten the legal noose around the business of womb rentals may be done with the best of intentions to save poor surrogate mothers from the clutches of the middlemen in the industry.
Keefer A, Problems with Surrogate Mothers (Livestrong, 2013)
As the law currently stands, surrogate mothers need to be a permanent resident of Cyprus or a habitual resident in the island, according to health ministry spokeswoman Maria Lantidou.
None of the surrogate mothers were allowed to travel, TIME reported.
The cabinet defended its decision by saying that this would help promote medical tourism and it seems to be doing just that as foreigners seeking surrogate mothers are trickling into Nepal, particularly in the Terai region, which lies on the Indian/Nepalese border.
The commercial aspect treats surrogate mothers as disposables.
Commercial surrogacy is not illegal in Thailand, which has made the country a sought after destination for foreigners looking for surrogate mothers, according to BBC.
These guidelines for foreigners planning surrogacy in India came up in July 2012 following allegations that commissioning parents from abroad were cheating the surrogate mothers.
The NGO was formed in January 2013 and has been playing an important role between surrogate mothers, intended couples and fertility clinics.
It deals with aspects such as the criteria that prospective commissioning parents and prospective surrogate mothers must fulfil, confirmation of the surrogacy agreement by the Court, and the enforceability of such an agreement.