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a woman who bears a child for a couple where the wife is unable to do so

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None of the surrogate mothers were allowed to travel, TIME reported.
Many Israeli male couples have fathered children with the help of surrogate mothers in Nepal because in Israel the procedure is limited by law to heterosexual partners.
The commercial aspect treats surrogate mothers as disposables.
In another report from BBC, Australian surrogacy agencies estimate that around 100 Australian couples are waiting for babies to be born from surrogate mothers in Thailand.
Kathirvan said: "Actually we started this organisation to protect the rights of surrogate mothers, surrogate women as well as the donors but fortunately, unfortunately, we were forced to facilitate the surrogate mothers because many surrogate mothers are approaching us for facilitation because they need some legal protection as well as their family support from external agency, so that we started facilitating surrogates.
What is the legal duty of the responsible healthcare practitioners with regards to informing the surrogate mother of the HIV status of the commissioning father, or keeping this confidential?
Although no official details about the surrogate mother have been released, but some reports in the media suggest that Gauri's sister-in-law Namita Chibber may have been the surrogate.
A hospital's risk management and legal team should be asked whether they are prepared to discharge the surrogate mother and baby separately, the authors said.
New Delhi: Babies born to Indian surrogate mothers for gay and single Australians may be left stateless and unable to leave the country after New Delhi changed the rules on surrogacy, an expert has said.
The Indian Consulate said tourist visas are issued to foreign couples for a reconnaissance trip as they must produce a duly notarised agreement between them and the prospective Indian surrogate mother when they apply for the surrogacy visa, but no samples can be given to any clinic during the preliminary visit.
New Delhi: Premila Vaghela had opted to become a surrogate mother and deliver child of a US-based couple to supplement her family income and brighten the future of her own two kids.
For renting out their wombs, the agencies in Ukraine pay surrogate mothers from $7000 US [5080 euro] in Kharkov to $12 000 [about 8700 euro] in Kiev.
Bu t in addition to attracting commonplace jobs such as information technology (IT) services, India in recent years has seen a dramatic increase in its international surrogacy business, which serves foreign couples seeking surrogate mothers.
The get-togethers between childless couples and surrogate mothers we get to sit in on are as chilly and toe-curlingly awkward as anything you'd see on Wife Swap.
This article presents a critical appraisal of the psychosocial empirical research on surrogate mothers, their motivations for entering into surrogacy agreements and the outcome of their participation.