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some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

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In short, we can conclude that U-T/Cr is a good and cost-effective surrogate marker for optimal methadone dosing and for minimizing both withdrawal and adverse opioid side effects, in MMT programs.
Although we found that a thoracic aneurysm was more common in patients who had a juxtarenal aneurysm, those numbers were not hard enough to confidently say that the juxtarenal component is always predictive of a surrogate marker of thoracic aneurysm development.
1) The authors concluded: 'The proposed system can be applied to patients with inflammatory or infectious conditions, where grading of toxic granulation of neutrophils can possibly be used as a surrogate marker to assess infection or inflammation and their response to treatment.
Among the topics are the global burden of breast cancer, breast cancer biology and clinical characteristics, in situ breast cancer, endogenous and exogenous hormones, reproductive factors, physical activity and anthropometric factors, diet and nutrition, environmental and occupational exposures, shift work and circadian disruption, non-hormonal medications and chronic diseases, male breast cancer, familial aggregation and high-risk genes, common genetic suspectibility loci, mammographic density as a potential surrogate marker for breast cancer, screening, principles of therapy, and outcomes.
The authors conclude that economic activity data can serve as a surrogate marker of changes in exposure levels over time in the absence of direct monitoring data, thus providing an alternative method for reconstructing historical exposures that may greatly aid epidemiologic research on chronic health effects of urban air pollution.
Scientists have identified new genes and pathways that influence an individual's typical pattern of brain electrical activity, a trait that may serve as a useful surrogate marker for more genetically complex traits and diseases.
In a commentary, the CDC noted that prior research has shown that norovirus can be transmitted to fomites and that a surrogate marker for norovirus, feline calcivirus, has been shown to survive on computer mouses and keyboards for up to 2 days.
He also presented results of a new study that identified a surrogate marker to measure prion removal in order to enable quality control in the blood banking process.
However, surrogate marker changes have been observed even in patients whose viral populations did not exhibit the "shift," indicating that residual antiviral activity (in spite of drug resistance) may play a role.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ reports that first-ever clinical evidence shows Certican (everolimus - RAD) has significant potential to reduce graft vasculopathy, a surrogate marker for chronic rejection in heart transplant recipients.
The report's authors concluded, "This research raises doubt about whether parental rating of a child's pain is an appropriate surrogate marker in pediatric pain and analgesic research.
Looking for a breakthrough -- a treatment good enough to be, in effect, approved by acclamation -- means we would not have to wait to solve the problem of immune-based surrogate markers, which will probably take years (and may be essentially unsolvable, if an effective immune-based treatment must first be proven by clinical endpoints before a surrogate marker can be established).
MassTrace intends to use this IP to validate its new metaprobe paradigm, which links a surrogate marker and a therapeutic drug to achieve faster, smaller, and more successful clinical trials.