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In this patient, no further therapy was given after surgical resection.
In summary, we have reported an unusual case of large cecal lymphangioma, which was well-studied with colonoscopy, EUS, and CT and confirmed with surgical resection.
In the patients in the recent series, surgical resection was associated with a better early response (adjusted odds ratio 4.
Surgical resection and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) are now used in a complementary fashion for local tumor control.
Of the 97 blacks and 184 whites in the study, 74 percent of whites underwent surgical resection, compared with 58 percent of blacks.
PMRS might provide a rapid intraoperative assessment of lymph node biopsies to replace routine pathologic examination and allow surgical resection of positive nodes to be completed in one operation.
The surgical resection created a full-thickness defect that involved the left nasal lobule (figure, A).
The product line also includes the Habib 4X(TM) surgical resection device which coagulates a "resection plane" and is designed to facilitate surgical resection of highly vascularized tissue with reduced blood loss.
In another large phase III trial conducted at Tokyo Medical University, chemotherapy with the oral antimetabolite UFT after complete surgical resection of pathologic stage I NSCLC extended patient survival compared with surgery alone.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston reported using limited surgical resection followed by wide-field irradiation for focal disease, and they were able to treat patients with advanced disease who would have otherwise required radical excision plus radiation with or without chemotherapy.
The eighth patient survived only because this approach was used early, enabling him to receive prompt highdose amphorericin B and immediate surgical resection of the pseudoaneurysm.
Colson is assessing safety and feasibility of using local delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs to inhibit malignant cell growth at surgical resection using minimally invasive surgery.
commercialization of the product for use in vascular tissue coagulation during surgical resection.
Even when a lesion is small, it is advisable to be aggressive in the surgical resection in order to achieve a cure.