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The number of days from diagnosis of CRC and/or CRC metastases and from surgical resection were collected.
Jakola et al stated a study of 88 GBM patients in which surgical resection had no significant alteration in the quality of life.
This recurrence rate was comparable with that in other studies that have reported endoscopic recurrence rates in 54%-75% of patients within 1 year after surgical resection (6).
13) Surgical resection of a solitary metastatic lesion of RCC has been found to have a 41% survival at 2 years and a 13% survival at 5 years.
Most mortality following surgical resection is associated with tumor recurrence.
We present a stepwise demonstration of our technique for surgical resection of a noncommunicating cavitary uterine horn and conclude that robotic surgery is a safe and feasible route for surgical management of this pathology.
The localized unilateral nature of AVMs rendering limited surgical resections a better success.
Because malignancy is observed in about 25% of the cases [4], surgical resection should be performed when suspecting retroperitoneal teratoma [5].
Children's cancer group (CCG) and south west oncology group (SWOG) had given a staging of hepatoblastoma based on the extent of tumor and surgical resection.
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network guideline recommends radiologic surveillance for pulmonary nodules less than 8 mm, and either biopsy or surgical resection for nodules over 8 mm with either biopsy or surgical resection.
Therefore, we undertook this study to determine whether a positive margin in the setting of an appendiceal adenoma or LAMN confined to the appendix requires surgical resection of the cecum, or whether a conservative approach can be justified.
KEY WORDS: Endobronchial tumor Lipoma Bronchial obstruction Surgical Resection Lung Tumour.
Radical surgical resection (R0) was achieved in 24 cases (70.
Surgical resection of SPLC was recommended by many of the reviewed authors (3-5).
Jeff McCaulley, head of Zimmer Reconstructive, said that the takeover will support the firm's surgical resection and advanced instrumentation product range.