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electrical device inserted in a power line to protect equipment from sudden fluctuations in current

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Eatons heavy duty safety switches with surge protection, available in switches ranging from 301,200 amps, provide protection at the service entrance and/or branch circuit level.
After several decades of experience in external lightning protection, DEHN+ SOHNE realized that surge protection had become a necessity.
Typical applications for the LSP05 and LSP10 surge protection modules include outdoor and commercial LED lighting, such as roadway lighting, traffic lighting, digital signage, service entrance lighting, parking garage/lot lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, and street lighting.
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Surge Protection Devices market in North America during the period 2015-2019.
In addition to its Multi-Stage surge protection technology, the MultiPak includes other SurgeX patented technologies that contribute to longer product lifespans and better performance.
Therefore high-energy surge protection must be part of the system design for effective protection with the smallest size and lowest cost.
Accell's PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner provides 1,080 joules of surge protection .
Passing of the testing procedures specified in the IEC61643-1:2005 international standard for surge protection.
2 Select a surge protection device for ensuring the safety of electronic equipment that protects all potential paths endangered by surge, including electrical cords, telephone cords, data lines and coaxial cables.
Choices in surge protection products, Choose whole home surge products like our CHSPULTRA, Surge tel, Surgecable and even provide your customers with point-of-use surge strips.
It also combines telephone line surge protection and an excess current detection feature, which identifies potentially dangerous current conditions that may damage notebook modems on a telephone line.
The ideal situation, says Standler, would be to design products that include an adequate level of surge protection.
PowerSquid with Surge Protection and Power Conditioning to be Unveiled at 2011 National Hardware Show
install surge protection equipment to protectthe lighting and lighting control systems within the facility from the hazards of surges (i.