summum bonum

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the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived

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The transcendence of knowledge here presupposes being which can be known and which is a reflection of the Supreme Good that is its source and end.
They're a matter of supreme good (or bad) luck, aren't they?
I enjoyed reflecting on the supreme good fortune of happening somehow years ago to be sometimes in the right place at the right time, and blessed, perhaps, with a kind of hunger that made me reach out for and absorb stimulation.
The essence of the tribal mentality is that it makes the tribe as such the supreme good and denigrates the importance of the individual," Branden writes.
Eros would be the potential of supreme Good, for harmony uniting men and women, women and women, men and men.
This is why the Son of God became man, suffered, died, and was raised again: because divine wisdom has ordained and divine goodness has willed, not to do away with the evils of the human race through power, but to convert those evils into a supreme good according to the just and mysterious Law of the Cross.
Pope John Paul II taught that, "the Supreme Good and the moral good meet in the truth; the truth of God, the Creator and Redeemer, and the truth of man, created and redeemed by him.
The final lengthy examination of the Republic, by Daniel Devereux, concerns the relation between justice and happiness, and concludes that while Plato is appropriately described as a eudaimonist, it remains unclear whether he would agree with Aristotle in calling such the supreme good, for through the voice of Socrates (367c5-7) happiness is implied to be a consequence of justice (p.
Supreme good fortune,' '' is now on exhibit at DIVA.
Under normal circumstances you'd have to say a second-round loser at Wimbledon wouldn't get a sniff of recognition but it's Cowan's supreme good luck that, other than yacht bird Ellen MacArthur, there's nothing to beat this year.
In short, those choices inconsistent with love of the Supreme Good and thus an integral love of human goods are not virtuous.
How can an indeterminate end such as happiness, the supreme good, be the real end of a specific action?
admits that Aquinas designates religious contemplation as the supreme good of the human person, next to which other goods are secondary.
Our duty is to receive all of it, including the lives of others, to love and be open to the entire spectrum of human goods, and to make our life a quest for the source and primary instance of the good, which is God, the Supreme Good.
He lays out Aquinas's general understanding of providence in the book of Job as the divine plan [ratio] ordering all things to the perfection of the universe and to God, the supreme good and last end of every being.
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