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the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived

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This is followed by a discussion on the supreme good as goal of addiction treatment and common good as aim of alcohol policy.
Alf Ramsey, for instance, had the supreme good fortune to be in charge of the England football team when the likes of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters and Alan Ball were ready to claim their place in history, and Clive Woodward also inherited a golden generation.
In insisting that "respect for the pluralistic values in our society" demands basing our ethics only on values universally held, while there is no procedure in place, democratic or otherwise, to actually identify these universal values, bioethicists have, in effect, insisted that our society is a monoculture that adheres universally to the notion that individual autonomy ("choice") is the supreme good.
There is evil in the world -- and perhaps in outer space, as his hero Ransom discovers -- but at last it is the supreme good, the Summum Bonum, that triumphs, revealing itself as Life and, therefore, Joy.
He added: "From this place I invite both Christians and Muslims to raise an intense prayer to the one, almighty God whose children we all are, that the supreme good of peace may reign in the world.
Although most of us reading this commentary share an opposition to the belief that trade is the supreme good, there is an ongoing discussion on what will be the nature of such politics.
They're a matter of supreme good (or bad) luck, aren't they?
God exists, for there is goodness in the world, and goodness can be good only through a supreme good that is good through itself and only God is good through himself.
As a counterpoint to her novels of social repression in a contemporary context, utopian texts set in an imaginary past/future offer a vision of a world--no less political in its way--in which property, authority and law are abolished and the satisfaction of desire prevails as a supreme good.
He helps us not to confuse it with Christianity and Buddhism insofar as these religions stress the compensatory aspects of renunciation; nor to confuse it with the Nietzschean revolt against humanism, still influential today, that incorporates "a fascination with the negation of life" but not to "acknowledge some supreme good beyond life" (p.
I enjoyed reflecting on the supreme good fortune of happening somehow years ago to be sometimes in the right place at the right time, and blessed, perhaps, with a kind of hunger that made me reach out for and absorb stimulation.
The essence of the tribal mentality is that it makes the tribe as such the supreme good and denigrates the importance of the individual," Branden writes.
These ideals differ: a supreme good for one nation may be an object of contempt for another.
Eros would be the potential of supreme Good, for harmony uniting men and women, women and women, men and men.
Such action must respect the truth about the good, both God as the supreme good and each person created as an end in himself, never to be used as a mere means.
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