Supreme Being

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the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe


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The "band" was Shahani, one of the founders and producers of trip-hop ensemble Supreme Beings of Leisure.
Davros, forget all this, we are the supreme beings of the universe stuff for a moment and tell me about your mother.
He says: "I'm listening to Supreme Beings of Leisure, Robbie Robertson, Bruce
The Supreme Beings of Leisure, a lounge-disco act, will be at Berbati's Pan in Portland on Thursday.
He is primarily concerned with discussing the God of classical theism, and does not give much attention to deism, fideism, pantheism, or other vague or problematic ideas about supreme beings.
As to irrationality, at a universal level the existence of lfe itself could seem irrational, so why should a "nihilistic" view be more irrational than belief in supreme beings, angels or saints?
The authors' quickly dismiss any theological notions of transcendence, existence of Supreme Beings, or denominational doctrines in their discussion.
We might think we are the world's supreme beings with our computer technology and space exploration, but it's the microscopic ones that really rule.
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