Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic

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commanding officer of ACLANT

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Wilson also served as Marine Liaison to the Secret Service; as Detachment Commander of Marine Security Force aboard the US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS America; as Chief of Security, Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (SACLANT) (NATO); as First Sergeant of numerous training companies at the School of Infantry; and as Sergeant Major of Headquarters Battalion, School of Infantry.
Navy, Admiral Edney completed his active duty as Commander in Chief US Atlantic Command and Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic.
Of particular note, Admiral Summers commanded the Canadian Forces throughout the Gulf War and more recently was the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, NATO, Norfolk, Va.
Members of the seven-member board include: Admiral William Owens (USN Retired), former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff; Admiral Leon (Bud) Edney (USN Retired), former Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (NATO); General Lawrence Skantze (USAF Retired), former vice chief of staff USAF and commander of the Air Force Systems Command; Major General John Corder (USAF Retired); former Congressman William D.
Sixth Fleet, Field Commander of the Defense Nuclear Agency, Commander Naval Recruit Training Center, San Diego CA and Chief of Staff, Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic.