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a person who advocates the supremacy of some particular group or race over all others

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NAZI Klansmen and other white supremacists at the flag demonstration
White supremacists are alive and well and they are operating both in groups and as lone wolves," said Abraham H.
It was perhaps political expediency that led Scalise to cozy up with white supremacists in 2002.
He has invited white supremacists from all over the US to come and live on his properties.
8 ( ANI ): Investigation into the background of Wisconsin shooter Wade Michael Page has highlighted the practice of white supremacist groups recruiting people with a military background.
This is why the Ja'fari supremacists represented by Iran's ruling Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) co-operate with the Neo-Salafis such as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, etc.
Tension between Iran's reformists and supremacists descended into street fights over the opposition's claims that the June 2009 presidential elections were spoiled by fraud.
After his election, the activity of white supremacist groups spiked considerably.
Durham's assistant chief constable Mick Barton said: "We believe the people involved to be white supremacist extremists and one of our lines of inquiries is that they were going to target ethnic minorities.
Some of the critics go as far as claiming that the Supreme Leader of the theocracy, Ayatullah 'Ali Khamenei, has become a "hostage" of the supremacists, whose Qom-based guides - or patrons in Iran's old tradition of clientelism - include such intolerant figures as Ayatullah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi.
THE recession and election of a black president has led to an increased risk from white supremacists, US security chiefs have warned.
Racialized gang violence plays a role because there are not only white supremacists but Latino and African-American gangs in the Valley that get involved in racialized gang violence," she said.
Three self-avowed white supremacists facing federal hate crime charges for throwing stones through windows at Temple Beth Israel three years ago were in court on Tuesday asking a judge to reveal names of the witnesses against them.
The responses of white supremacists to the allegations against Kobe Bryant were unsettling, but not surprising.
and "Is there the possibility of a rising ethnic nationalism and a reaction to Middle East terrorism on whose ragged edge the white supremacists can find a place?