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the school of economic theory that stresses the costs of production as a means of stimulating the economy

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Indeed, the first Senate reports endorsing a supply-side policy were issued by the Joint Economic Committee under Bentsen's chairmanship in 1979 and 1980.
Despite the willingness of Democrats to support a supply-side policy, the White House staff wanted to give Reagan a "political victory" by picking a fight and cutting the Democrats out of the tax bill.
Modern growth economics recognizes that supply-side policy can influence long-run growth performance (Aghion and Howitt 2006).
If European supply-side policy has recently moved in the wrong direction, this could explain weak productivity growth despite promising technological opportunities.
They analyze specific policies, including those intended to reduce greenhouse gasses, those that work on the demand side in market-based instruments, voluntary or negotiated agreements, and supply-side policy measures.
These indicators capture the effects of both domestic supply-side policy reforms and world market potential.
a 'liberalization-plus' approach involving a mixture of incentive and supply-side policy measures; and
For example, in 1979 and 1980 the annual report of the Joint Economic Committee abandoned demand management and called for the implementation of a supply-side policy.
Although an established relationship exists between a few macropolicy indicators and financial market outcomes, there is no such relationship between supply-side policy indicators and financial market outcomes.
The lack of a coherently implemented supply-side policy in PASOK's first term was also to be crucial for the evolution of its macroeconomic policy.
Keywords: economic growth; industrial strategy; productivity puzzle; supply-side policy
It thus recommends an extra effort in fiscal consolidation and a supply-side policy to expand production capacity.
They have used the demand-side policy simulation and the supply-side policy simulation to evaluate the current situation as well as the future need of food crops in Pakistan.
Clearly, one way in which this might happen is that major crises can lead to significant changes in supply-side policy.
Variant I represents the trend development of the traditional supply-side policy, with the consumption target of the present five-year plan for 1988 and a growth rate of energy consumption of 7.