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the traditional Passover supper of Jesus with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion

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The Northumbrian Society held its annual meeting and Fred Reed Neet Supper last Saturday.
Vicki Olson of Eugene shares a recipe today for the stuffed flank steak she served for Christmas Eve supper last year.
GIGANTIC gran Lynn Greenberg swallowed a teaspoon of soup for her supper last night and said for the first time in years: "That's enough, thank you.
I ate too much supper last night, to cheer myself up.
Geoff Chapple celebrated Woking's wonder draw with a fish supper last night and then warned Coventry: "You'll get your chips in the replay.
Oh, you were out to supper last night and picked up a package of penny matches and stuck them in your back pocket.
I got charged pounds 8 for a fish supper last night.
And by heck, you can't get more poetic than that - it must be the fish I had for my supper last night.
His life might have stayed that way if he hadn't accepted an invitation to a Burn's Night supper last year.
LOCAL: The County at Aycliffe; WOR JACQUES: Leaders Tony Blair and President Chirac enjoy a pint before their pub supper last night Picture: DAN CHUNG; PROTEST: One of the placard-waving farmers
We sat down at supper last night and decided he won't run again this season," said Nicholls yesterday.
I was fortunate enough to share a table with Dr Reid at a Burns Supper last year.
My dad popped in to say he took mum out for a bar supper last night and was shocked at the change in her.